Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spooktacular Supper

Yep, that's me! I LOVE ♥ Halloween! What can I say?

Each year on the Monday before Halloween for Family Night, we have our traditional Spooky Halloween Dinner. We turn out the lights and eat by only candlelight while we listen to scary Halloween music. It's a fav at our house! Here is our menu:

Here are the veins, guts, brains.

Boney fingers, blood, and graveyard eyeballs. Mmmm....tasty!

What is about dry ice that fascinates boys? They could play with it for hours if it would last that long! The bottom right is a shot of Taylor with it in his mouth (don't try this at home!) watching the mist come out.

These are shots of some of our past Halloween dinners. (Not in chronological order)

Once again...playing in the dry ice!

Taylor, Tyson, and Bryce


McKay - 2005-

The googles are maybe to protect his eyes from the dry ice??? Who knows?

Sky was on his mission this year. 2005

Taylor, McKay, and Tyson

Starving boys!

Cheers! 2006

Me, Bryce, Tyson, Taylor, and McKay (Sky on mission)

Some of these go way back!

Happiness is good memories!

Share your Halloween traditions...


Dawn said...

Jodi, you rock! I want to be a mom like you. Seriously, I have good intentions of doing things like this, but I lack the follow through. You are wonderful, and you are most definitely the Queen of Halloween. :-)

Lucy said... go mix up some (A LOT)cornstarch and water and watch them go to work. Great post. I love your traditions.

Audrey said...

You guys are just plain crazy! But oh so fun! I'm jealous!

LarryG said...

Lovely post and awesome family...

Go hear to share as See my Max Lucado prays

Karen said...

You are soooo crazy when it comes to Halloween!! I love your great costum. There is a little "Witch" in every woman!!

Kelli said...

Love all the pics. Look at your cute halloween dishes. WOnDeRfUl

Yvonne said...

You really are the Queen of Halloween.

I just love your enthusiasm.


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