Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

Ah... football! Just the word conjures up images of pain and violence for me. But I am in the minority around here. In fact, I am the lone, sole, exclusive, isolated, and only one who feels this way in my home.

I guess I just never understood why a bunch of grown men would want to put on tights, uncomfortable padding, a girdle, a very heavy and bulky helmet, and stick some rubber thing in their mouth, just to go out and ram into each other head first and throw a ball. It seems like a lot of work to go through just to play a game.

I am sure when football first began, those men didn't even think of wearing any of the above. No, that had to come from a woman who sat on the sidelines and watched them plow into each other breaking bones and drawing blood...and actually enjoying it! In fact, I am positive it was a mother who invented the pads, helmets, and mouth guards (probably a mother who just spent $4000 on braces!)... but not the tights! No woman would punish her own son with those! That had to come from one of the guys who flunked out of ballet but wanted to keep flaunting himself. However, I do think a woman was the one that suggested they wear the girdle with built in pads. I am thinking it was kind of a little sadistic revenge thing so the men can see what it's like to have to wear such restricting things so close to their bodies like the female gender does.

But, whether I understand it or is something I spend a great deal of time watching right now with three of my boys playing. We always have at least four games a week, and sometimes five. I really, really, really enjoy going and watching them play. It is so much more fun when one of your own sons is playing! I have also learned the importance of an umbrella, blanket, jacket, water bottle, sunscreen, sore throat lozenges, and a large stash of chocolate in order to survive the games comfortably. Now if I could only learn all the rules so I know what I am talking about when I yell at the refs!

Bryce plays on the JV and Varsity team at the high school. Taylor plays on the Freshman team and sometimes on the Sophomore team. McKay plays with the little league youth football. If I totalled up the hours of practice each week between the three of them, it would be around 35 hours a week! And that doesn't count the travel time and game time. It is a huge commitment of time and energy for both the boys and their parents! I am not complaining (well at least not a lot) because I think it is good for them to spend their time improving themselves on a sport, developing talents, and learning the many lessons playing sports can and does teach them. For example...well, you will have to scroll down to see.

Click to enlarge

One of Taylor's games. It was the freshman vs the sophomores. He made an interception and scored a touchdown in this game. He plays line backer and sometimes tight end.

This is what he looks like without a helmet and mouth guard.

This is one of Bryce's games.

He plays wide receiver. He caught a pass and scored a touchdown in this game.

Celebrating another victory! The JV team was undefeated until last week.

Bryce with Mitchell the quarterback who threw the pass he scored on. Aren't football players supposed to be big and scary??

The happy mom because Skyler came to watch the game!

We took him out to dinner to celebrate Taylor's win even though Tay had to ride the bus home!

McKay and his bud Justin having fun at Iggy's Sports Bar and Grill.

This is McKay.
He plays wide receiver too. Of course that probably has nothing to do with the fact that his hero Steve Smith, is a also receiver....hmmm.....???

Listening to his coaches after a game.

And that is where the FUN ends...
Well at least for me!!!

What's this?????

Could it be??? NOOOOO!!!! could!!!A broken hand!!!
Not sure WHY he is smiling though! I think he was actually kind of proud of it...

The doctor started to cast it, but decided to try a splint first and see how it heals. The patient was happy about that... well, kind of. He actually WANTED a cast!Out for the season unless it heals quick. He still goes to EVERY single practice and game! What a trooper! It happened three weeks ago and it is healing great.

PART TWO (child #3)

As we were walking into Bryce's game Friday night, I got a call on my cell phone from the team trainer informing me that Bryce had been hurt during the warm-ups before the game. He told me his chin was cut pretty bad and wanted to speak to Dave. As soon as Dave started to talk, he immediately turned and headed for the locker room. I went and got a seat in the stand and our good friend Mont asked me if I had heard about Bryce. I told him about the phone call. Mont informed me that he had just witnessed Bryce getting speared by another teammate's helmet during warm ups. For NO reason this kid speared Bryce helmet to helmet and knocked him out. Apparently this kid does stuff like that all the time. I think he has been playing too much football and has lost a few brain cells. I mean WHY would you do that?? BEFORE THE GAME? I know he didn't mean to do what he did, but he wasn't thinking of what might happen either!

Bryce was laying there and the trainer ran over and several of them tried to get him up but he had a hard time standing. He was bleeding pretty bad from his chin and had a concussion. He must of hit him so hard to cut open his chin because he had a padded chin strap on too. They took him in the locker room and he was laying on the table when Dave got there. The trainer told Dave he thought he might have a broken jaw!!! Dave agreed. The trainer gave him ice for the left side of his face that was swollen and Dave steri- stripped his chin. He later ended up with three stitches.

I am just so glad I didn't see it happen or I might have gone out on the field and got myself a piece of that kid!!! In his defense I have to say he felt VERY bad. He apologized to Bryce over and over and was almost in tears. I ran into him and his parents (who also feel just terrible) Sunday night and as they introduced me to him, I walked over to him and jokingly pretended to choke him. I had to hold back to not let it really go though! I know it is football, and these things happen, but STILL! When it is YOUR son, it is a little bit different!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any good photos. This is the trainer in the cart driving Bryce back to the team. Bryce is sitting by him even though you can't see him very well.

He was able to walk around a little bit during the game. He wanted to stay and support his team. That's him holding the ice pack on his face. #88 (he has diff #'s for away games and home games) We had it x-rayed and are waiting for a specialist to tell us the results.He ended up missing the Homecoming Dance because of it, (that in itself is a whole other post!) but he can at least eat, even though it is very gingerly.



This is what I'd like to do to them all!

I am (or have been) all of the following:

This one though ↓... I have to say I am seriously re-thinking!!!

Now if I can only get my boys to re-think it as well!


Tiffany said...

I dread the day any of my boys tell me they want to play football. I'm all for the other sports, and would support their choice, but really would hate to see them tackled.:( Ouch!

Mel said...

I'm so sorry! We've avoided tackle football and so far I think we are good. I'll stick with Soccer Mom, Baseball Mom, and Basketball Mom.

Lucy said...

Your pictures make me homesick. I'm from Utah/Idaho originally and I lived in Brigham City for a year or two in the year,,,well..never mind that. Anyway I loved BC and I've never gotten over missing that city and those mountains behind it. I remember going up on the bench for picnics with my then 18 month old daughter. *sigh* I'd move up there again is a nano-second if I could.

EarlGirl said...

Oh my gosh. Right now I'm so happy we don't have any football players in the family! Hooray for the computer nerds!

Jen said...

You're a brave mom with some seriously brave kids! I don't get the whole football thing either. But then again, boys just seem to like violence in any form. I hope Bryce is doing better and McKay said he might get to play? That would be great seeing how he's going to all the practices and games anyway. You're really good to travel and spend all that time. I think you're awesome! Those are some really good pictures too!

The Hoyt's said...

Good luck with that. Let me know how that goes!!! (LOL) I would like to talk my son that football is evil as well.. As of right now he is very into basketball and karate so I'll keep praying.. haha
Too bad Bryce had to miss the dance.. Bummer.. Hope he is feeling better.. Let us know how his jaw is...

Jodi said...

Okay good news! Thankfully his jaw is NOT broken! Whew!!! But he will still not be playing for a while. It will take some time to heal even though it's not broke.

Candi said...

Glad to hear his jaw isn't broken. In the meantime, be careful what activities they get into while healing. That is how Brigitte discovered ice skating!!!

My Wonderful Men said...

Oh my boys both played football and I remember the all the time that went into it.
We moved and this high school doesn't offer football it's to small. We just have one left in high school though so soccer mom is what I am now.

I hope your boys are o.k. and can get back to playing real soon.

Thank goodness hubby is a doctor, football does come with a lot of bumps and bruises

da Bergs said...

Dang... you are making me homesick!!! You know I am still at my mom and dad's till Sunday... and I have had to miss 2 of my sons vasity games! Tomorrow night will be game 3...
Sorry about the broken hand!!!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Yeah - I just don't get the boys-and-rough-sports thing.

Even my 2-year-old is most happy when he's getting rough-and-tumble.

Yvonne said...

One of my boys played football (wide receiver). I LOVED going to the games. (Fortunately, we've never had any broken bones--dislocated shoulder ; )
I still love football.

Sorry about the hand--glad the jaw is not broken.


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