Monday, September 22, 2008

Summing up Summer

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With yesterday being the last day of summer, (waa-waa!!!) I thought it would be fun to sum up summer sum some.Soooo, I decided to post a few (hundred!) photos that otherwise would just be growing mold stored on my computer.

Most of them I was able to do as a collage, but not all of them would download into Picasa.

Taylor (in brown) spiking it at our churches stake youth social.

Click to enlarge all the collages....

Chillin' ...

Boy's trip to Alaska

More Alaska shots...the last one is a literal Alaskan shot!

Summer breeze makes me feel fine!

Lunching again...

Click to enlarge

Random shots... (not the ones I am shooting though - of course!)

We spent lots of time doing football this summer...
and making funnel cakes...
Taylor and Bryce sharing headphones...

Our Adventure to Mantua Lake...

Do not take a wave runner to Mantua Lake or Dam or whatever it is called! It should be called DAM MOSS TRAP because that's what it is! McKay and I got moss sucked up in our wave runner so bad that it died on us and we were stranded out in the middle of the dam.


He jumped in the intensely gross moss and pulled it all out of the engine by hand...what a man! Then HIS ended up doing the same thing. We had TWO non running machines! We finally got one started and pulled the other one in! Dave spent all of his time trying to get them to start and then trying to get them to start again after the moss episode! But the rest of us had fun!

The boys paintballing. McKay in his winter coat in near 100 degree temps! He claimed he needed some padding for protection!

Youth Conference with Bryce

An Alaskan moose

Bryce and McKay with their adorable cousin Mackenzie. She has them both wrapped around her little finger! Not to mention Taylor, Skyler, and Daves!

Dave and the boys spent lots of time doing this.....↑

Here is the lovely creature I found right outside my back door trying to get in!

Okay so he is pretty tiny...but still!
McKay made him a temporary home complete with cereal!

Later on in the day, I walked into the kitchen and saw this!
I didn't know it at the time, but it is a rubber one!!! Aaaargh!!!! Those boys!!!
That's one thing I won't miss about summer! (The critters...NOT the boys!)

The love birds...after 50 years!

Love this picture of my parents and McKay

Me, Bonnie, and Jen...lunching again.

McKay and his buds serving at a wedding. Aren't they so handsome!

Sky and Jeremy heading out on a Survivor Man campout.

You didn't know I got a new car?????? I wish!

Farewell to another summer! I would be MUCH more happy welcoming in fall if I didn't know that means winter is right around the corner!!! But I guess it can't be all that bad if it's the season to drink lots of Hot Chocolate right???? Hmm...not even sure THAT will convince me!


Audrey said...

Wow! Looks like you have had great, busy summer! I'm missing it too! And I'm REALLY NOT looking forward to winter, yuck!

LarryG said...

Hey I saw you jumping rope! how cool is that! and asleep on the couch with the puppy, awwwwwww..

Who took the picture of "BigFoot" using the rifle?

And to think you did all that and took pictures or mooses, or is that meeses :)

da Bergs said...

Holy cow girlfriend, you got a LOT into YOUR summer!!! It is sad to see it go so fast... but, I do love fall!!! (but the leaves dont stay gold, orange and red long enough!!!) Great pics!!! Looks like you had tons of fun!!!

Jen said...

Those were some great pictures! Glad to see you found super purple man! He's hot! I'm sad to see summer go too. It's been a fun one! But I do love fall, it just never last long enough. I could go for 5 months of fall and 1 month of winter.

Yvonne said...

Great pictures--looks like you had a wonderful summer. So many great memories.

I love fall, too. I'm with Jen--5 months of fall and 1 of winter sound PERFECT to me.

My Wonderful Men said...

Looks like a great summer!
Your garden is awesome! I can't post mine now it would be horrible next to yours. LOL

3boys247 said...

What a fun summer! Great pictures too. Great memories.

deb said...

Makes me want to cry to think it's almost over... or is! I love summer! Looks like it was great for you.

Kim said...

Love the car!!!


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