Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fear Factor

I am not fond of snakes. Not even a little. To put it bluntly...
I can't stand the things.
Not to mention the fact that I am extremely afraid of the evil looking creatures. They give me the willies, the hee-bee bee-gees, and the freaks. I don't even like to look at them if they are behind glass at the zoo. Growing up with a brother and no sisters, as well as many boy cousins, I had a lot of hands on experiences with them, or more accurately hands off. Though I did actually hold one when I was about eight years old...well, at least I touched the end of it while the boys were holding it. There is a picture of that somewhere out there.

For some reason boys are naturally attracted to the things. My boys are no exception. When Skyler was about eight years old he caught one and it became his pet. I remember looking at the box he kept it in that he had punched air holes through and thinking to myself, "I sure hope it can't crawl out of those holes." I should have done more than hope. A few days later when I was reaching into the laundry hamper with my bare hand, there it was all curled up inside the bottom of the hamper. The scream that was emitted from our house that day probably broke the sound barrier.

I have had many snake adventures. And they haven't made my intense dislike lessen any. More like intensified it. This isn't the first post I have written on the slithering reptiles. If you are in the mood for more on my snake adventures as a mother go here.

So why am I writing another post on something I despise so much? I will get to that in a minute. But first let me ask you a few questions.

Are you afraid of snakes? Is it a real fear for you?

How do you feel when you see this?

Or this?

Or this?

What about THIS?

Or this???

Oops! How did that get in here?????

How about this?

Or this???

Or how about trying this one on for size?

Does it make you wanna do this?

Or maybe even THIS???

Well then....

Yes here I am

Yes, I am actually holding the feared reptilian! No photoshop involved.

I was getting a little nervous here as it was starting to crawl towards me and up my arm! This was a first for me. I am facing my fear head on! I do have to admit when it started to move and wiggle I nearly dropped it several times. Well... okay, I actually did drop it once, but the boy in the photo caught it. And YES....


Sooooooooo!!!! It is STILL a SNAKE and I am HOLDING it! I don't care if it was worm size...it is still a SNAKE! And I repeat: I AM HOLDING IT! See boys? See hubby? See Dad? See bro? See how brave your mother, wife, daughter, and little sister is??? I do not want anymore teasing me, scaring me, sneaking up behind me with one, or any more rubber replicas put in my shower or bed. WHY you ask? Because, because, because...


(at least the little ones!)

Do. You. Understand? Good! I am glad we are clear on that!!!


Just a little reminder. You may remember these photos from girls camp where I am ONLY touching the beast.

And I thought I was such a hero for just touching it! Looky how far I've come!!!

Fear conquered!!!


da Bergs said...

YOU are so stinkin' funny! I thought you were a mom to boys!!! Are you an imposter??!!! LOL

da Bergs said...

PS I will do your fun tag when I get home from Utah.... headed there tomorrow!

Audrey said...

You have become so incredibly brave! You definitely deserve some brownie points (or maybe just brownies).

Jodi said...

Oooooooooooooooh yes!!! Most definitely BROWNIES!!!! Mmmmm.....

Tiffany said...

I'll join your snake-hater-but-can do-little-ones club. I have a story I should post about snakes. In fact, you have given me my idea for the day! Way to go with the baby. HE looks more like a little wormy.:)

Doran & Jody said...

Jodi I am so with you. I cannot stand the little and big critters. The cute little (NOT) snake you held in the first picture is the same one that I told those kids to GET THAT THING OUT OF HERE!!! Yuck yuck. shiver

Jodi said...

Jody, they actually snuck up behind me and scared me with it first too! They were pretty shocked when the woman who screamed so loud and totally freaked out asked to hold it!!! lol

LarryG said...

nobody is braver than MOM!

I remember when we read the book "Old Yeller" how Travis brought his mom a lizard he'd caught and she "made herself" take it from him cause he was so proud of himself.

That's momma love! AND MOMMA BRAVE!

Kelli said...

do you ever watch the disney channel? they have a little 5 minute show on there with Emily Yeung, she today (which we have not watched that channel in about a year now that we watch dora and spongebob) anyway she had snakes on it today, so funny you posted about it today. I think your crazy for even holding a baby snake. ICKY

My Wonderful Men said...

Worm size or big I don't like snake either, good job holding that snake!

I would have never been able to do that so you would win if we were playing on the same Fear Factor show.


Lucy said...

I love that snakes eat mice and rats. I can't stand the thought of a rat alive. The first picture I can stand....the picture with many snakes I didn't like. I've held them before; they are kind of fascinating. But I believe with all my heart that people who live with snakes in their homes, belong in one with rubber wallpaper. It's really...what's that word? Oh Yeah! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave said...

I am impressed! And not only at the snake. You are incredible!

Yvonne said...

Great job. (BTW, loved the picture of the bunny ; )
I can only imagine what that scream must have been like when you found the snake in the hamper.

EarlGirl said...

Whoa. I'm so impressed! I'll never forget your last post about them cooking one in your backyard. The memory still gives me shudders!

Candi said...

It's not just boys that like snakes, Brigitte and John found a dead baby and Brigitte laughed for days about chasing me around with it. You are really brave for holding one, you deserve a reward, maybe chocolate?

fivekidsandsomechocolate said...

Wow...I need to show this to my mom. Her snake sentiment is in line with yours. I didn't know how terrified she was of them until I was in high school. She never said a word, probably because I never asked to keep any of the ones I caught out by the ditch. I am a bad unobservant daughter!


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