Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Labor Pains


I got this meme off of Dawn's blog. It came from Rocks in my Dryer in honor of Labor Day, since it's all about...well, labor.

How long were your labors?

Skyler- 8 hours ~ 6 lb. 15 oz

Tyson- 4 hours ~ 6 lb. 11 0z.

Bryce- 12 hours ~ 7 lb. 1 oz.

Taylor- 12 hours ~ 7 lb. 5 oz.

McKay- 4 hours ~ 8 lb. 1 oz.

How did you know you were in labor?

Skyler ~ Pretty strong contractions right off. Once I had the epidural it was smooth sailing from there. I felt like I had entered heaven. In fact I even said I would have 12 more babies after that wonderful relief! Must have been the meds! Sky was born almost three weeks early. He was the first grandchild on both sides.

Tyson ~ I called Dave who was in Med School at the time and was sleeping at the hospital. I described my pains asking him if he thought it was time and he asked the other six med students in the room what they thought and they all unanimously agreed I wasn't in labor. He decided to call his dad (a physician) and his dad confirmed that, yes, I very much was. Thankfully. Of course, by then I already knew I was. By the time Dave got home and we drove 60 miles (at 90 mph!) to our hospital I was dilated to an 8 1/2 when I arrived. He was born an hour and a half later. He was born two weeks early. Two days later he was at the Primary Children's Hospital NICU for surgery due to a perforated bowel. He was there for almost three months..

Bryce ~ I had gone in for an ultrasound in SLC. It showed my amniotic fluid was almost gone and so they said I was going to have to be started immediately. He wasn't due for 10 days. I was delivering in a different city 60 miles away. They told me to rush there and to not even stop home for my clothes. It was on the way and so we did anyway. I was started on a Pitocin drip as soon as I arrived and I think the contractions were much harder on the drip. It was a longer and harder labor than the others.

Taylor ~ My boys wanted to have a sleep over at my parents and so Dave and I went out to eat at Red Lobster and then was going to go see Jurassic Park at the theatre, but I started to have contractions at the restaurant and so we skipped the movie and went home. After about two more hours, we decided we better get to the hospital. We had to drive 60 miles to the hospital once again. Taylor was turned wrong and wanted to be delivered Sunny Side Up and so they had to use forceps to try and turn him and he kept flipping right back. He was a tough delivery. He had broad shoulders and he broke my tail bone, not to mention the major tearing. My epidural didn't work well at all. It only worked on one half of me the entire time. I was unable to run for over a year after that delivery (and I wasn't even a runner then, but I couldn't even run at all). But he was one happy baby and so worth it all!

McKay~ This was the first delivery that we were living close to the hospital. We only had to drive about 7 minutes this time. I woke up about 6 a.m. with contractions and so took a shower, put on my make-up, (yes, I did with every one!), and got dressed and delivered about four hours later. Even though it was an extremely short distance this time, it was one looooooooooong and bumpy ride. The contractions were right on top of each other from the beginning! I made Dave call and tell them to have the epidural ready and waiting for me the instant I arrived!!! Unfortunately it wasn't.

Where did you deliver? In a hospital (the same one) all five times.

Drugs? Are you kidding? Heck yes! Epidurals with all five, but with three of them it only took on half of my body.

C-section? No... thankfully, but almost with Taylor.

Who delivered?
The "family" doctor and Dave with most of them.

Play along (even if Labor Day is passed by the time you read this!)

And if you haven't read the Word Verification post below...please do!


Tiffany said...

I played. Oh the pain we go through to get our cherished babies here. No wonder we love them so fiercely.

Yvonne said...

What a fun meme--wish I had seen this yesterday. You've had some real experiences.

I agree with tiffany--we do go through a lot, but it's definitely worth it all.

LarryG said...

I was coach for three deliveries.
1. C- Section - water broke and we walked for 19 hours before the baby was delivered. 6lb 3oz

2. C- Section - again we planned natural (plus meds birth) again wound up with a bikini cut delivery
7lb -0 oz

3. C-Section - I did not get to go in the delivery room - this one was 7- 8 weeks early, BP was up dangerously high - so delivery was done under a general... 4lbs 15oz
Baby boy stayed at hospital until he started gaining weight. (about 10 days)

Children are a marvelous gift from above.

My Wonderful Men said...

Great stories about how your boys came into this world, thanks for sharing.

I wasn't on this weekend. This gives me an idea for next year.


Lucy said...

Well I would but it's been so long that I've finally forgotten about it and I'm in denial now that it ever happened. Love my kids but....ya' know. Let's just say I liked my second one better than my first one because of a 36 hour difference in time/pain/joy?/I didn't know what the heck I was doing at the time.

Jen said...

This was so fun to read! Oh those kids...and they'll never know for themselves what we went through. Well at the least the boys won't. Thanks for the tutorial on the comment post thing. I had never noticed that part where is said see the whole post thing before. I still like the pop up better so there's no going back every time you want to make a comment. So since you're my bloggy tutor, what does meme stand for again?

Jodi said...

I think I actually like the pop-up comment thing better too! Thanks for sharing!!! :D

And here is what the actual definition of meme means. There is a more complicated one of where the word actually came from, but this one was the best I thought!

Definition: In the world of blogs and bloggers, a meme is an idea, question, statement or project that is posted in one blog and answered to in many other blogs. Memes are used to propagate ideas in the blogosphere. Some blogs or web sites post memes on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

So there ya go!

Jodi said...

Oh and it is either pronounced rhyming with theme or in the US it is pronounced rhyming with gem.

For the longest time I called it a Me Me. Because it seemed logical you were writing things about yourself!

Jen said...


Mel said...

Labor pains indeed! This was a fun post.


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