Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peach Days 10K

This post was really supposed to go on my Running Blog, but it helps to realize these things before they are almost done! Argh! I decided it would be easier to put a link to this on it!

I ran the Peach Day's 10 K Road Race a few weeks ago for my second year. Yes, I know I am slow at getting this posted, but better late than never! It is a real tough course (said to be the toughest in the state) and has some challenging hills. It is one of the biggest and oldest 10 K's in the state. I am not sure how many were entered this year, but it was in the hundreds. The hardest part of the whole thing is the fact that the last TWO miles are run on the parade route which also happen to be uphill! So just when you are feeling and looking your very worst, you get to run in front of thousands of people along the route. Fun, fun! The only good thing about it is the spectators cheer you on and that does wonders for morale when you are feeling the pain and anguish of a tough run.
The weather was perfect, although pretty hot for a September morning, but it was beautiful. My friend Doran had some trouble with either heat stroke or dehydration and ended up being taken off in an ambulance. When I caught up to him just before the turn onto Main Street, I could tell he was struggling some. For that story go here to Jody's blog. But he is doing great now and out running again. All in all it was a great race. Here are some photos...

Doran going full speed ahead...

Me BEFORE the 6.2 mile run

Me AFTER ~ still alive and barely kicking!

Here I am on the right just about to cross the finish line! I was determined to pass that girl before I got to the finish line!

Crossing the finish line!!! Boy was I happy to see that! That was one long and hard race! I wanted to quit a few times into it.

My official time was posted as 53:43 !
My pace was 8:39 minute miles.

The officiator taking my race number ID right after crossing the finish line. And look I'm still standing!

Not anymore.... I was beat!

Jen showed up at the finish line with this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me!!! I did not expect that! She is just soooooo amazing! She wanted to run it but she was recovering from surgery. Not sure what I did to deserve a friend like her!
Thanks Jen!

It was fun walking around with the flowers because everyone thought I had them because I won the race!!!

Free peaches for all the finishers!!! The BEST peaches around!

I got a good one! Mmmm.......

The awards...
I won THIRD place in my age division!!! Woo-hoo! I was happy because I won 5th last year and this year I beat my time by over three minutes! This photo is of me accepting my medal.
"I would like to thank my family and friends for putting up with me and all the time I spend training. I would like to thank my knees for being so dependable even though they are getting old. I would like to thank my shoes for being so gosh darn good (though expensive!). I would like to thank my lungs for pulling through even though they felt like quitting many times. I would like to thank whoever invented Gatorade...you rock! And lastly, I would like to thank my Ipod for not dying on me this time!"
Actually I just smiled and said thanks!

I got an awesome medal!!!

You will never believe what I found at Peach Days of all places!!!

Purple Man!!!

He was walking around all over the place and was more than happy to pose for a photo! Just wish we had got the FULL shot of his suit. He was purple from head to toe! A match made in heaven!!! Thinking about getting one of these suits for Dave! LOL!

My cute little friend Jaida

I also have this cute little friend named Julie, who is truly amazing. She is the most self-disciplined person I know. If she decides to do something, she does it come H-E-double hockey sticks or high water! About 25 years ago, she decided she was becoming too much of a chocoholic (is THAT even possible???) and so one day she went cold turkey and QUIT eating chocolate completely (blasphemy!) and has never touched it since. We didn't know each other then, and I can ASSURE you IF we did, I would have talked her out of that one! I mean eating no chocolate for the rest of your life is INSANE! Who would want to deprive themselves of one of life's greatest pleasures???? Not me that's who! And we won't even talk about the fact that she abstains from ALL fat!!! I would rather die with clogged arteries than not be able to enjoy all that yummy bad stuff sometimes! But like I said....she is dis-ci-plined!

We used to power walk together until I started running. She is a fast little power walker. I emphasize little because she only stands 4'9" (if that!) She is tiny! But she can push it and those short little legs of hers would always keep up with my very long ones. She decided to start running and even though she is older than me (hee-hee!) she has done well. She worries me though because she will push herself too hard at times. Her first race was the Turkey Trot and then she did the Snowman Shuffle. They are both 5 K's (3.1 miles). Next thing I know she is signed up for the Dam Race which is 4.7 miles and then she decided to do Peach Days which is a 10 K (6.2 miles). Peach Day's is not an easy race. In fact it has been said to be the toughest 10 K in Utah. I was a little worried about her doing that one. But she was determined and I knew that was all it would take. Never underestimate Julie. She ran it and did great!

Julie is the short one! Hee-hee! Isn't she cute?

Jen brought her flowers too!

Cheesin' it! We did it!!!

Now off to eat some yummy Peach Cobbler! We earned it don't ya think???

For more running posts check out my blog Jogging Beats Blogging here.


Yvonne said...

Great job, jodi. I just don't think I could ever do that!!!

Yes, you deserve peach cobbler and anything else you want!!!

Congrats on the great time.

3boys247 said...

Great job! 3rd in your age group? Awesome.

I missed placing in my age group (for the first time ever)this weekend by 1:40. Now I think I will look for races that aren't very popular, maybe I can win something then.

Congratulations again!

Dawn said...

Way to go, Jodi!! You did awesome! :-)

Shauna said...

Amazing as always!!! I have always admired your strength, courage and convictions! I wish I would have replied to your email. I could use your inspiration more often.

Jodi said...



Which Shauna?

Not thee Shauna!!!!!!!!!!

Could it BE????????

Oh I hope it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Only wondering because of the email comment! IF it IS YOU, you better let me know ASAP!!!!!

Jodi said...

Oh and....

If it IS you...HOW did you find my blog!!!!

And if it ISN'T... thanks whatever Shauna you are for commenting! I REALLY REALLY mean that sincerely!

Tiffany said...

Congratulations!!! You are amazing! Way to go. Woo-hoo and third in your age division?! You look great before and after. I don't think you could ever look anything less!:) Hugs.

da Bergs said...

You are killing me! Oh how I wish I had the ablitity....!!!!

My Goodness said...

Way to go Jodi!! LOVE that you found a purple man...peach cobbler...and a friend handing out beautiful flowers!! What a day!!

Changed my blog url...don't lose me! :)

Shauna said...

You know me! Always a little slow, but eventually I catch on. Since we are so far away, I thought a blog would be a good idea for our family in Utah. My cute daughter-in-law has one. After starting my own, I KNEW that there was no way you wouldn't have something, and then I remembered your e-mail and went googling. Surprised to find you had one and one that inspires others, hardly! I haven't had a chance to look at everything, but what I have seen is fantastic. Keep up the good work!!!! I will send you an email with my sparse entries.

da Bergs said...

BTW, I tagged you!!!

The Hoyt's said...

Awesome!! Congrats i was wondering how you did.... Oh Julie is so cute..She is such a live wire... I miss the peach cobbler boo hoo...

Jen said...

Way to go, Jodi! You are truly amazing to cut your time by that much in one year! And Julie really is the queen of discipline! What a woman! That peach cobbler looks delicious, I think I need some now. Thanks a lot!

Sandra said...

congrats! you are amazing and you can't have old legs yet since you are younger than me.

Jodi said...

Shauna! I am so excited you have a blog! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can finally know what's happening in your life so far away in Maine. I will see if I can find it in my site meter...but still email me!!!

Shaila~ Thanks for the tag! I will get working on it!!! :D

Kelsee said...

Holy cow you are fast! You are very inspiring. I can't even imagine running one mile let alone SIX! You ROCK!

Oh, the purple man is pretty hot too!

You go girl!!! Have a peach of a day!

LarryG said...

Wow! that's an awesome time - anyone who can put in 6+ in 8 sumpthin per mile is my hero... you deserve the purple lady suit yourself...
and yet, you look so tiny in the photo holding your shoes... lol

congrats, that run is perfect for you cause you are a PEACH!


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