Thursday, November 14, 2013

All In A Day's Work!

I am at a time of my life that I never thought would actually ever happen.  When my boys were little, I couldn't even imagine going out to lunch once or twice a week with friends.  I was happy to get a Wendy's hamburger and eat it in the car once in awhile!  Now, my schedule is so much more flexible and I can fit in lunches with friends more often!  It's just so fun!  Going out to lunch is one of my most favorite things to do now!  I like it so much, some days I even do it twice!
On Tuesday, I had already made plans with Audrey and Carole to meet at Old Grist Mill.  Carole ended up not being able to come, but Audrey brought along Shanne (whom I adore) and Audrey's sister Ashley, whom I've never met.   It was fun to get to know her better.  It's always a party with Audrey and it was a lot of fun!

Dawn had text me on Monday wondering if I was free on Tuesday afternoon.  I still had her Scatter Sunshine sign and it was our excuse to get together so I could return it.  I told her I was coming in Ogden to get some new running shoes and do some Christmas shopping and I would love to meet for a treat or a drink or something.  I have really felt the need to put a dent in my Christmas shopping.  Someday I am going to simplify Christmas so I don't feel so overwhelmed for all of November and December!  

We decided to meet at Kneader's because #1 I have never been there, #2 it's right next door to my running store and #3 they have SUPERB chocolate treats!  I was so excited!

It was sooooo yummy!  We shared a German Chocolate Bread Pudding thing that was incredible.  We gobbled it up before we remembered to take a photo but we also got this delish chocolate mousse filled scrumptious little delight that wanted it's picture taken before it was devoured by two crazy chocoholics!
 We had a short visit (well an hour is short for us!) and I wish we  would have had more time, but I was grateful for the time we did squeeze in!  I love talking to Dawn and I feel like I can talk to her about anything and she gets it.  She is one of the most nonjudgmental people I know and I admire her so much for her wisdom and willingness to listen.  If I ever had a huge problem, she is one of the first peeps I would go to because I know she would have good advice, but more than that, she would be understanding. Friends like that don't come along every day!  I am grateful for her friendship!
She also has a blog (here) and had this adventure posted the DAY OF! (the one I am posting about 2 days later - which is pretty good for me!)   She inspires me to be better at posting. I am not sure how she keeps it up, but she somehow does!  I am always behind it seems!  We always joke that we were twins separated at birth because we are so much alike in so many ways.  We like the same things, think the same things, it's just uncanny sometimes how alike we are.  Unfortunately, I am not like her in keeping up with my blog, but I am trying!

I was happy to find the shoes I wanted too!  And even happier that they are purple this year!
And I was able to put that dent in my shopping!  I got all of the neighbor gifts and bought a few things for the fam.  There is still so much to do, but at least I took a small bite out of it!  I took a lot of small bites today out of a lot of things....mostly things that had chocolate in them though!  

All in a day's work... =)


Dawn said...

Ahhhh Jodi we even feel the same way about each other...You make me smile! It's so nice having such great friends...we are truly blessed. Sure do love and appreciate you girl!

Audrey said...

What a FUN day for you! So glad that I could be a part of it! I truly love and look forward to our lunches. I'm mighty impressed that you posted this so quickly!

Nancy Mc said...

I love reading about your adventures. I do want your 'job'.
You asked if I put my blog in a book. :( Do not. Maybe one of these years.


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