Saturday, November 16, 2013

WHOA! Wait! WHEN Did This Happen?

WHOA!  Wait!  WHEN did this happen?

 My Baby Thinks He Can Grow Up!
Now he's REALLY driving that car and WITH a license!
McKay just got some dance pictures back and I realized I hadn't posted any of his dances.  As I was going back through a bunch of photos I found all these and I am just wondering...



I don't remember giving him permission to get taller than me!  Or to drive!  Or to date!!!

THIS ↓ was JUST the other day!

And now THIS ↓
This was his third dance so far...
Whoever was the photographer for this group needs to take some lessons in lighting.  I scanned this and had to lighten it myself so you could even see the faces.  Unfortunately McKay is clear in the far back right at the very top and so he's even harder to see.

His second dance was Homecoming of this year...

Purple and White last spring was his first dance.   
 Day date...
Thank goodness for Facebook and his friends who post photos so his mom can see them and then save them!


A few other pix I found of him on Facebook (thanks to friends again!) 
Yes they ate the whole thing!


HOW do I stop the clock?
I know I can't, but I would sure like it to pause once in a while so I can catch my breath between his birthdays.  Wow... it just flies faster and faster every year!

I'm just grateful he is such a great kid and has such  confidence in himself and who he is.  He is such an amazing and extremely smart kid with his head right where it belongs.  We never have any trouble with him and he is so obedient and wants to do the right thing.  He has a great group of pals that help him stay that way too.  I am very proud of this boy.  I always worried about him being the youngest of five brothers, but he is one tough guy because of it. He won't take crap from anyone and he knows what he wants.  He is such a blessing to us and is such a hard worker.  He is always working either at school, football, the clinic, with his church group, for his grandpa doing yard work, or for his dad doing a myriad of chores.  I love him so much, I just wish he would slow down the growing up!  Gosh, I don't like the thought that he will be on a mission in about a year and a half!  WOW!

Okay... breath Jodi, breath.

A Mother's Wish

There never was a baby boy, but what his Mother prayed.
That someday he would be a man, of only shame afraid.
A man that had the gift of smile, the gift of wisdom too.
A friendly and a gentle man, that only good would do.

There never was a baby boy, but when he went to sleep.
His Mother prayed that child of hers, the Lord would safely keep.
And day by day and year by year, that while she watched him grow,
she did her best to teach the way, that she would have him go.

Oh tangled is this skein of life, with many broken threads,
and we are blunderers one and all with jolly in our heads
We're in a world that's torn with strife where sad mischances fall,
but every Mother wants her boy to rise above them all.
-Author unknown

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