Saturday, November 30, 2013

Meeting A New Face

Tyson's friend Sam has been so sweet to stay in touch with us over the years.  I love it when she drops in for an unexpected visit.  I was really happy with the one I got his week, because I got to meet her new baby Deklynn.  What a cutie.  She is two months old and still only weighs less than 8 lbs! 
There is just nothing like a new face straight from heaven to make you feel closer to those that are already there.  I couldn't help but wonder if Tyson had her in training before she came.  I know he has had his hand in a few of his cousin's training because I can see so much of him in them at times. haha

Sam is holding Maxx Tyson.  They named him after Tyson.  He is the cutest kid. He has the cutest face and we didn't even get a good photo of him.

Then the most touching thing happened while Sam and I were visiting.  Maxx walked over to Tyson's picture and picked it up and gave it a kiss.  It was the craziest thing!  We both couldn't believe it.  It was as if he remembered him from before he came down here.  It really was crazy!  Of course, we didn't have the camera ready when he did it and so we tried to re-enact it for the above photo!  haha  
That was a pretty special visit!


Audrey said...

Don't you just love those tender mercies?

Dawn said...

I bet Tyson still visits with Maxx! That is awesome!


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