Thursday, November 7, 2013


Since I have written a lot of posts this month, this snippet will be of the things I didn't blog about already.   Those are easy to find and so this post is about those OTHER things that I didn't do an entire post on.

My friend Julie and I found a purple bench right on downtown Main Street.  Of course we had to get our picture taken on it.  Only problem is you can hardly see the bench!  haha
We got to meet this darling new niece of ours!  Alexandra Rose.  Isn't she thee cutest!!!

Skyler sent this lovely photo from Hawaii of an octopus that froze just like a hand.  Perfect for the season of Halloween!

We had quite the harvest.  Bryce picked all these apples by himself!

 They came in handy to make these purple babies!

I took advantage of some swings near my house and sometimes on my runs I will stop and just swing!  It makes me feel like a kid again!  I absolutely love to swing.  I wish I had my own swing set in my backyard.  I would be out there everyday!

We spent a lot of time at McKay's football games.  Sometimes in the pouring rain.  He played JV and Varsity and so we attended two games a week.  We love every minute of it and hate to see it come to an end.

He is #40

We spectated....

 And speculated...
   So proud of this boy...both of them!

They had a great season and went to the state playoffs as third in Region.
I really hate to see it end...
Mr. Cat also hates to see it end because he loved to go crawl in McKay's stinky football gear bag and go to sleep!  Crazy cat!!

McKay and buds with the biggest pizza I have ever seen!
They finished it too!

True true....

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