Friday, November 8, 2013

HALLOWEEN Let Me Be Queen!

Okay, or a kitty.

I was invited to breakfast on Halloween morning and I was totally excited!  Any excuse to dress up in public works for me!  
It's really my favorite holiday!  I think it's so fun because it has less stress associated than with Christmas, which I love as well, but Christmas tends to really stress me out, whereas Halloween I can just enjoy!

This year I made some 

 and some

That was all I had time for this year as far as the scary food went.  I had other things planned to make, but ran out of time! Next year...
I'm so glad my parents still come up for dinner even though all the boys are grown up and no longer go trick or treating.  Okay, well, McKay may or may not have gone this year with his friends.
I made homemade potato and cheese soup served in pumpkin bread bowls.  We had lots of other yummy treats to go with it. 

 One of the highlights of the night is all our cute visitors that stop by for a special treat!  These two are so adorable!  Taylr and Canyon get cuter every year! 

And of course, I always look forward to Jaida's visit!  She has been coming since she was a baby and I just know one of these years will be her last! Waaa!
But...I'm STILL taller than her!  Barely!

The photo of the boys on the bottom right ↓ I added because as we were sitting around chatting, Dave dozed off.  When these guys came to the door, Derek (next to Dave) said, "Where's the Bishop?"  I told him that he just fell asleep in a chair.  He was so funny and said something to the effect of "Can I wake him up?"  So I invited them all in and let them have at it!  haha  Derek took his finger under Dave's nose and kind of flipped it to wake him up and said, "Bishop! Wake up!".  It was hilarious.  The look on Dave's face was priceless!  My parents really got a kick out of it, as did we all. 

My kitty wasn't too sure what the get up I had on was all about.  He did like chasing my tail though.
Now sadly it's time to put this all away for another year.  =(

Frankie ended up empty handed this year. (bottom right photo) My crazy friend Colleen makes homemade vanilla with Vodka and she always saves one of the Vodka bottles so she can put it in Frankie's hand every year.  This is the first year in a long time she didn't because she said she didn't have any empty bottles yet.  No one has really said too much about it over the years, but I am sure they are wondering why there is a Vodka bottle in the hand of a decoration at the Bishop's house. It just makes me laugh!


Audrey said...

You are so amazing! I love all of the fun things you do for the holidays. Thanks for posting and sharing.

Dawn said...

You are such the cats meow.....always making everything so spooktacular! You are amazing and so much fun!


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