Thursday, November 21, 2013

♥ Kodsville ♥

We lost another dog this year. Kilo in July and this time it was my in-laws dog Koda.  He seemed like my dog in a lot of ways though.  He's been in Dave's family for 17 years!  17!  He was a member of the family even before McKay was born.  Koda was a unique dog in so many ways.  The best way to describe him is "the perfect dog".  That is what Kevin said in a text to me on the day he passed away.  And he couldn't have been more accurate.  He was good with children and loved everyone.  He actually thought he was a person.  He was so gentle and so loving and loved to be around people all the time.

He would come and stay with us for a few days here and there when Dave's parents were out of town and I always loved his visits!  He would sit at the top of our stairs where he could see the door in case someone came so he could protect us.  He was a little leary of Kilo at first because Kilo had so much energy and Koda was an old man when we got Kilo.  But he got along with him and with the cat and was never any trouble at all.  He did like to wander off occasionally, but what dog doesn't?  He loved coming over here. 

The day after he passed away, Dave's mom called me and told me that I was his favorite person.  I know he loved me, but not sure I would go that far...haha.   She talked about how when I would arrive at their house he would go crazy and just run laps around the big room and then come up and jump on me.  She said he never did that with anyone else and he was always happiest to see me.  One time I arrived and gave him a kiss and right after I did he went charging through the house running so fast around and around so hyper and excited. It was hilarious!  He was so sweet. 

 Dave's brother Kevin got him when he was a puppy.  He then left on a two year mission for our church and Koda was in serious mourning.  He was so happy when Kevin got home.  Then after Kevin got married, he stayed living at Dave's parent's home.  They took care of him and treated him like a king.  But he was happiest when the house had guests.  He just loved people so much.
Koda is off to the left in this photo of Dave's family.  Normally he would be right in the middle of everyone.  He was just such a great dog.  I am going to really miss him!

He had started to go downhill the last few weeks and I went over and told him goodbye on Wednesday.  It broke my heart to see him so bad.  He was so skinny and weak.  He had stopped eating and wasn't drinking very much at all.  It was truly heartbreaking.  I honestly didn't think he had more than a few hours left in him. I told him it was okay to go.  I could tell he was holding on for some reason because he looked so bad.  I told him to go and find Tyson and play catch with him.  Tyson loved Koda so much.  He was the only dog Tyson ever had.
Surprisingly he kept holding on.  I could not believe it. Another five days passed and he was still holding on.  I couldn't figure it out and then I asked Dave's dad if Kevin had been able to make it up to see him and when he said no, I knew what he was holding on for.  He was waiting for Kev.  I KNEW that was the reason he was still here.  There is no other explanation because he was beyond being able to hold on physically.  I knew it had to be his will to live and the only thing that would give him that will in his condition was a person.  I knew it was Kev.  He loved Kevin so much and he was his master.  He didn't want to go until he told him goodbye.  I sent Kev a text and told him what I thought was going on and if there was any way to just call and let Koda hear his voice then I thought Koda could go in peace.  Apparently Kevin didn't realize how bad Koda had become and dropped everything and drove up to see him.  I was just praying that Koda would still be alive when he got there.  He was!  He got to see Kevin and tell him goodbye.  I was so happy.  I know that was all he was waiting for.  Kevin did the right thing and took him to the vet.  He passed away a few hours after Kevin arrived. 

Rest In Peace Kods!
I love you...
 You were the perfect dog and you will be sorely missed....


Dawn said...

Hugs my Friend....animals are so great...part of the family for sure! :'(

Nancy Mc said...

With tears rolling down my cheeks...Sad for your family, but happy that Koda can now be playing catch with Tyson.

Jodi Wilding said...

Thank you both so much. It was time for him to go, but even knowing that it's still hard. He was such a great dog. There is always a hole in your heart when you lose a beloved pet. I am happy Tyson gets to play with him now too.


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