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The Turkey Trot's Trotted Its Last Trot

This year's Turkey Trot had some pretty FOWL weather! 
In fact, when I woke up and saw what was happening with the wind, I almost bagged it.  There isn't much weather that can keep me from going out and running, but I hate icy wind like no other!  I had missed a few runs this week because of it.  It was upwards in some parts of the state at 80 mph!  Here in town on race day, some of the gusts had to be at least 60 mph.  Luckily, it wasn't a steady wind that wouldn't stop, and it did give us a break for a minute or two, but then it was back to just whirling around in no specific direction.  The temps were in the 30's and so that really wasn't an issue until you figure in the real temp with the wind chill.  Brrr............ 
I knew in the end I would end up going because that is just how we runners are.  C R A Z Y!  When I pulled in the parking lot to register there weren't that many cars yet and I thought to myself, "Wow, I really must be crazy and everyone else was just smart enough to stay home!"  But then my next thought was, "Less trotters just gives me a better chance at winning a turkey!"  That was short lived however as the runners kept coming and coming.  They would register and then hurry and run to their car to stay warm and get out of the wind until starting time.  It just confirmed to me once again that runners really are crazy.  However, I prefer to think of it as we are HARDCORE instead of crazy.  It takes some courage to get outside in those conditions and race. 
With my running pal Marci before.  She is total HARDCORE!
What really got me there was the fact that I had already told my friend Marci that I was going to race.  The race only costs $7 to register (unheard of!) and so even if I didn't win a turkey, it was a pretty reasonable fee to get me out and run.  Whatever it takes!
The wind let up just a bit before we started but as we got going it picked right back up.  I was hoping for a tail wind on the uphill, but that didn't last long.  The worst part was the head wind on the uphill!  NOT FUN!  But, I felt good during the run which surprised me because my previous run that week I felt like I was running through molasses.
This was at the half way mark at mile 2.  The Turkey Trot is a 4 mile race that loops around twice.  It has never been a favorite course of mine, in fact I may or may not have said that I hate the course.  But for some reason I keep showing up year after year.  It must be for the turkey, because it's not for the trotting! 
I was happy with how I did.  I didn't feel like I wanted to die this year on the uphill at mile three, which has been the case in a few previous years.  I finished strong even with a full force of wind blowing straight at me trying to slow me down.  I did almost get blown over a few times and more than once the wind's force pushed my leg that was air-born into my other one and I almost tripped myself.  That would have been one epic fall...or should I say fail.  I even thought I set a new PR, but I was short by about 40 seconds.  I finished it in 35:15. About an 8:40 pace. I think my PR was 34:30.  I am happy with that especially considering my runs the last couple of weeks.   
With Marci after.  She won Overall Woman!
Sadly to say, I did not win a turkey this year.  I did get a pumpkin pie for second place in my AD which always makes my son McKay happy, but I was pretty let down I didn't get first in my age division for the turkey.  A woman that I don't know, beat me by a minute.  But, I should have expected that because my entire week has been that way.  Nothing has gone right.  It's like a dark rain cloud has been floating above my head all week.  I am hoping today was the last of it and praying that those high winds blew it away!

On a good note...this is the first year we got t-shirts.  Not that I need another t-shirt, but they were cute nonetheless!  AND, I also found a penny!  Can't beat that!

 I felt really bad I didn't get a photo of Dave at the race because he was there to support me once again.  He always comes if he possibly can and is so good to take photos and do whatever I need him to do.  I always mean to get a photo of him. but sometimes just forget.  So I am adding this one of him that I took after.  He was supposed to go to a Pickleball Round Robin today, but of course that was cancelled due to the high winds.

Jeff Rawlins (race director) announced at this year's Trot that it may be the last.  It appears the city is coming down with some ordinance that means it may not be able to continue due some nit picky red tape.  I hope not, but it sounds like it.  That makes me very sad.  The Turkey Trot is the only 4 mile course I have ever raced.  It will be sad to no longer have this to look forward to after all the years I have ran it even though I hate the course.  I went back and looked through some photos and got back as far as 2008.  I think I ran it a couple of years before that as well, but couldn't find those photos.  =(  I won a first place turkey the past four years in a row and I feel bad I didn't end with one this year especially if it is the last year.  Dang lady in purple that beat me!  Had I known you were in my age division, I WOULD have caught you - wind or not!  haha  Not fair that you had a mask on your face so I couldn't tell how old you were!  lol  I am just kidding.... well mostly.  hehe  I am pretty competitive!  

through the years

2008 was the year that Julie's foot started to bleed through her new running shoes.  We never figured out why. But it was pretty exciting!  haha I got 2nd place and a pumpkin pie. McKay was thrilled because he LOVES pumpkin pie!

 2009 Jen and Heather brought some of their kids this year to run the Kids 2 mile race.  I was so happy I won a first place turkey!  McKay was disappointed!  He wanted another pumpkin pie!  =)

 2010 was one of my funnest years because Jen, Heather and I went to 7-11 and got hot chocolate before the race.  It was cold and rainy that year.  I was so happy to win a turkey that year thanks to Jen and Heather.  This was the year I felt like I was having a heart attack around mile 3.  I started to really slow down.  When they got up to me and saw I was having a hard time they ran with me even though they could have gone ahead.  If they had not stayed with me, I probably would have stopped and walked for a bit.  Thanks to them I ended up beating a lady in my age division right at the last 100 yards or so.  She was not happy when I was awarded the turkey!  We had kept passing each other back and forth the entire race.  It was neck and neck.  Gizzard and gizzard.  Giblet and giblet the whole way.  And I only beat her by a hair feather.
2011 was the cold and snowy year. You just never know what kind of weather you are going to get in November in Utah. It was also the first year that they changed the course.  The start and end is different, but it is still a 2 mile loop twice.  The ending makes a huge difference though. I happily got a first place turkey again.

Last year in 2012, it was a pretty mild day.  There was a huge turnout because of it.  I enjoy the new course so much more than the old one.  I got a first place turkey!  Yea!  Looks like it may be my last if they stop doing it from now on.

 Turkey Trot even though I have a love hate relationship with you, and you have ruffled my feathers more than a few times, it has still been quite the trot and I am sad to see you go.  Of all the prizes given out at races, this one is always the best.  Where else can you only pay a $7 registration fee and possibly end up coming home with a $15 feast?  I feel like the decision to pluck your feathers for the last time, is for the birds!  You may see me out ruffling a few feathers of my own and calling fowl on the turkey who decided to cook this bird.  What is this world coming to when you can't have a little hometown race once a year that doesn't do any harm?  I think it's time to go talk some turkey with some real turkeys.
~Gobble Gobble~

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