Monday, November 4, 2013

What Do You Love Most About Each Season? ~ Day 19

What I love the most about fall are the gorgeous colors.  The colors in God's palate amazes me in the fall.  I know leaves don't really turn purple (at least not a lot of them) but when I see all the colors of the leaves blended together, it looks like purple is one of the main colors.  I love the harvest that fall brings with it.  I love watching my boys play football. I also love Halloween and Thanksgiving. That is the best part of fall for me.  I am a lover of heat and so the dropping temps that come with fall is not a favorite of mine.  It is just a confirmation to me that winter is right around the corner.  That is not a happy thought to me.

Winter is fun for me when it snows and I can sit inside curled up in a cozy blanket in front of my fire while sipping hot cocoa.  That is my favorite part of winter.  There is nothing more peaceful than watching the delicate snow fall softly to the ground.  I also like the fact that when it storms, I can stay home and not be pressured to be anywhere.  I love stormy weather and so I love the storms while they are happening, just not so much after.  I don't mind driving in the snow, but I just do not like to be cold!  So WHY do I live in Utah where it's cold about six months out of the year?  Good question!  I am not a lover of being chilly.  It takes me a while to acclimatize.  I have noticed that since I have been running, I am able to tolerate a lower temperature than I could before I was outside running in the cold each day.  I never look forward to winter.  It is so depressing to know that those warm temps are going to be gone for so long.  I love heat!  It's a really good thing that there are so many holidays during the winter so it can distract me a bit from the cold. And snowmobiling, ice-skating, and fun races!


SPRING we're talking!  There is just nothing like the signs of new life after a cold hard winter!  Spring has always been my favorite season of all.  I think it's because winter is finally over and I know summer and heat is coming!  No matter how cold spring is, it's always warmer than winter and so even those 40's and 50's are a welcome change!  I also LOVE the beautiful scents of spring. Lilacs are my favorite flower because they just permeate such a wonderful aroma that floods the senses!  Spring flowers are just so beautiful!  Spring is just a breath of fresh air in every possible way!  It gives me so much hope that the cold dark days have finally come to an end and now the earth is warming up.  It just  makes me happy.

I love summer too!  Like I have said, I love heat!  I would prefer to be too hot than too cold.  I love the green-ness of summer.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass and chlorine at the outdoor pools.  I love the fresh fruit that summer brings and the wonderful produce that the garden brings.  There is nothing like a home grown tomato right from the garden! My perfect temperature is about 80°.  I feel completely comfortable at that temp.  When it gets to be around 95-100°, then that is a bit too hot, but it still beats the 0's - 30's° any day of the week! Summer also means a lot of fun things to do and time to spend with my boys.  It's so fun to have them home and out of school so we can do things outside.  I love that the days are longer and so I can fit more in.  I love running in the summer because I can go right out my door in the morning without worrying about freezing! 

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Audrey said...

Totally agree with your love of warm weather! I LOVE your pictures!


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