Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Do You Collect? ~ Day 18

  • Pennies from heaven - from Tyson
  • Heart ♥ shaped rocks - also from Tyson ♥
  • Lighthouses - I have been collecting them for many years.  LOVE them but I am picky about which ones I collect.
  • Purple anything - I am attracted to anything purple.  It's a sickness I know.  =)  My SIL told me if there was such a thing as purple poop, I'd like it!
  • Christmas ornaments - I have one for each year we have been married that goes with something that happened that year and I get each of my boys a new one each year as well. 
  • Miniatures - I started collecting these about 30 years ago.  I no longer really collect them unless I see something irresistible.
  • Anything from my boys that they made - especially letters - I am VERY sentimental and save everything they ever gave me!  
  • Pictures - I take a lot of pictures!  That way I always have a memory of things.
  • Journals - I have kept a journal since I was about 12.  I now have quite a collection.
  • Running race bibs - I save my race bibs and write my time and place on the back.  I have them in a book.
  • Race shirts - I run only for the t-shirts!  Ha - just kidding, but I do have a million of these that I am saving to make into a quilt someday.  Might need more than one quilt at this rate.
  • Race medals - well of course I collect these!  I worked hard for them!  To date I think I have around 25 medals.
  • Cards/letters from others- I save many cards, thank you notes, letters, etc., from others.  I enjoy going back and looking through them occasionally.
  • Recipes and recipe books- I have so many of these!  And I have even down sized!  I need to down size again now that I have Pinterest to collect all my yummy recipes!
  • Glassware- for some reason, I have always loved glassware!  Glasses were about the only thing I had in my hope chest before I got married.  I love to get new ones and I guess it's good because over the years most of them break eventually.  Right now, I have a collection of gorgeous purple ones.  We use them every day though, so that's how I justify it!  
  • Dishes (especially purple ones!) - Right now it's very easy to find dishes that are purple.  I am taking advantage of it because I know it won't always be the case and it's really the first time since I can remember that you could find so many dishes that are purple! But I love to collect other kinds as well.
  • Memories- these are the greatest thing of all to collect!  And they are something that no matter what, no one can steal or take them away from you.  Go collect some today!
*Speeding tickets- (Dave humorously threw that one in) hahahaha - not

I also have a whole collection of purple girl baby clothes that I bought with each pregnancy.  The only boy that I knew what gender he was going to be was Bryce. I still have all of those clothes.  Hoping possibly for a girl grand-baby someday.  But they will probably be way too out of style to wear. 

Some of my pennies (and other coins) from heaven...

♥ Some of my heart shaped rocks ♥

What do YOU collect?


Dawn said...

fun hearing what you collect. I also save notes & gifts from, cookbooks, and picture memories. I also collect memory pages from my kids each year on my birthday and rubber stamps. I use to collect spoons from different places, and we have a collection of stuffed animals (I give Larry credit for those) I wish I could get rid of things easier ;)

Dawn said...

oh and i collect Christmas Ornaments as well....also going along with something from the year ;) My kids get them too.


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