Tuesday, October 8, 2013

☼ Scatter Sunshine! ☼

I had a fun outing with some of my Sistas (high school buds) yesterday.  Dawn wanted to check out a boutique in SLC because one of her friends told her that it looked like the perfect spot for her and her crazy friends.  Dawn has a lot of friends, but she was pretty sure she was talking about us.  Or maybe she said, "fun" friends, and I translated it myself to "crazy" because they almost mean the same really. 
 So off we went to the Pokka Dott Boutique and Rollin' In the Dough.  Only it wasn't exactly in SLC.  It was clear in South Jordan.  It was a long way to go for a cinnamon roll, but we took full advantage of it and made it a day of fun and photo opps!  By the way, the rolls are to die for!  I had an orange one and I pretty much scarfed the entire thing down without blinking.  Mmm.....
 They were decorated to the hilt with Halloween.  We were trying to think of some good photo opps but couldn't find a witch hat until we went to order our rolls and low and behold there was one on a skeleton behind the counter.  So guess who asked if we could borrow it?  Yep, Kathy.  Or was it Dawn?  Or was it Bonzo. No, pretty sure it wasn't Bonzo. It was probably me.  Either way, we got the hat and then went to town taking some photos.  WHY?  Because that is what we do.  Kathy wasn't satisfied with just the hat and asked if they had a witch broom somewhere.  The owner told her that she had a cleaning broom, but no witch broom.  Oddly enough, five minutes later she came back out with one!  
We were pretty much the only customers in there the entire time we were there and the owner was laughing and told us she thought it was awesome we had so much fun together.  Sadly, she also told us the store is most likely closing in a month because they are on a bad end of the shopping center and the business hasn't been good.  We wanted to tell her to lower her prices a bit (they were pretty steep) but decided to not say anything. 

Is my foot really on a cake stand?  No, it is not.  It's an illusion.  But if it were, it would be okay...because that stand was clearly made for a foot.  To be rested on.  For a photo shoot.  By someone that has no intention of buying it.  

This poor old guy was feeling lonely and so I decided to scatter some sunshine myself and cheer him up.  It must have worked because he didn't stop smiling once!

We kept finding the perfect signs in the store!  
We are family.  I've got all my sistas with me.  Yep...  Well, not all of them. Quite a few were missing today. 
 Eating our sweet rolls!  I love these women!  We had some good heart to heart talks around that table and on the drive home.    Oh, and see the bald skeleton head in the background on the pop fridge?  He didn't used to be bald. He's the one we stole the witch hat from.  I hope he got to put it back on after we left.
The reason this post is titled SCATTER SUNSHINE is because my friend Dawn has come up with this amazing thing she does.  She makes Scatter Sunshine bags and when she feels inspired to give someone one, she does!  She doesn't think, "Oh that would be a nice thing to do, I really should do that" (like I do)....no, she does it!  Today, she gave me and Robin one of her Scatter Sunshine bags!  I felt so honored!  These aren't just cheap little bags either!  They are loaded with really yummy BIG candy bars and the cutest thoughts she has printed out.   
 The thought is to help someone out with this seemingly little gesture (which is really a huge thing) by letting them know that someone cares about them and that Heavenly Father is watching out for them albeit through another person.  And then, they are to  return the gesture and scatter some sunshine to someone else.  She frequently gives them to complete strangers as well.  It seems like a little thing, but it makes such a big impact on someone who really needed a pick me up that day.  How do I know this?  Because mine made a huge impact on me!
 And what are the odds that we would see THIS sign in the boutique just minutes after she gave us our Scatter Sunshine bags?  WOW!  I mean seriously THINK about that!  
What.  Are. The.  Odds?
That was a little gift sent from heaven for Dawn!
That sign had her name written all over it!   She is such an amazing person!  She truly does scatter sunshine all along the way.  Whether it is from her uplifting thoughts on Facebook each day, or her kind and thoughtful gestures she is always doing for others, or passing out her sunshine bags, or even just that beaming smile of hers.... she is ALWAYS scattering sunshine!  I'm so grateful I can call her my friend.  Love that woman!  

My Sunshine Bag!

Now off to go scatter some sunshine of my own!!!


Dawn said...

We'll that was certainly the nicest post I have ever read ;) I'm glad you loved your "Sunshine Bag" ..... It's so fun giving them out! I like the yellow around yours...good idea. You might see some of my future pictures with that touch! :D just so you know...you my friend & the others sista's have been an inspiration to me. I'm better because of you & them...so thank you! Love you too!

Jodi Wilding said...

It's all true and more! My only regret is that I didn't get a photo of you and I with the sunshine bag. I think I am going to keep it altogether and next I see you, we will take one together!
Thanks again!!!

Dawn said...



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