Tuesday, October 15, 2013

☼ Scattering Some Sunshine of My Own ☼

Last week I did a post called Scatter Sunshine (here).
It was about my friend Dawn who scatters lots of sunshine!  I wanted to scatter a little for her since she is always the one on the giving end and not usually on the receiving end.  

While shopping we saw this amazing sign that said SCATTER SUNSHINE... all along the way! 

I really wanted to buy it for her on the spot, but it was way over priced at 75 buckaroos!  When I got home I just kept wishing I had bought it anyway.  It was so perfect for her!  It was like it was made just for her and I felt like she deserved something for all she does to scatter sunshine!  So I decided to just make one for her myself.  And so that is what I did!

(It's looking like that one word is working for me still!)  That post is here.

Of course, I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for Dave and his willingness to do the wood part for me.  He has all the tools and the talent and even had some time this week to that for me.  I was most grateful!  He said it would only take him an hour.  But, he couldn't find the right wood and so it took him much longer than that (as these things always tend to do).  But he did it and so I ordered the vinyl and got it done really quite fast.  

I was so happy how it turned out!  

I think Dawn liked it too!  
Gotta love this picture!  
Look at those rays of sunshine beaming in!!!

Just the two of us went to lunch together today in Logan because she was hoping to squeeze in a trip to see the fall leaves in Sardine Canyon.  Sadly, they were all but gone.  But we headed up to The Crepery anyway!  It was so yummy!

We each had a savory one.  YUMMY!

 They have these awesome chairs that we chilled in for a bit!  Actually we had more fun taking the photos of us in them!  

 It looks like I am inside of a giant Easter egg!

They were a lot of fun!

Then we shared a dessert crepe!  Oh my it was so delish!  It was loaded with a cheesecake filling, strawberries, and caramel sauce!  Mmm......

Then I was off to freeze at McKay's JV game against Mtn. Crest.  I wish someone had scattered some sunshine on it!  Brrr.............

And look...
She already has it hung it up in her house! 

Scattering SUNSHINE is fun! 

And then I borrowed it back so I could use it for my Relief Society display!
Thanks Dawn for lending it to me! 
Let's just keep spreading this yellow stuff around!  ☺ 


Audrey said...

Good for you, Jodi! You do scatter sunshine everywhere you go!

Jodi Wilding said...

You are sweet! Thanks! So do you! =)


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