Friday, October 18, 2013

Record Something That Happened In the Last Week ~ Day 12

Some things that I did this week:
Took some great photos on my run doing hill repeats.
I had to turn the Sunflower towards me in order to get the sun in the background because Sunflowers always face the sun.   


Sat in the pouring rain with Dave for almost 3 hours at McKay's game against Sky View in Smithfield.  Brrr...

Sent this cute girl flowers (and a little teddy bear from Elder Wilding) to cheer her up after her knee surgery.
Just love her so much.

 Enjoyed my kitty!  He's trying to get treats in this photo.

Had a really good hair day.  Dave hates it when I wear my hair au-natural but today he loved it and even took my picture.  Really good hair days don't come around too often, so I guess they are post worthy!  hah

 Watched them dig up our street after a water line break.

Attended the American Mother's Mini Conference in Logan.
This year's keynote speaker was Britten Schneck and his mom.  What an awesome and inspirational young man!  WoW!  I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd.  He was amazing.  He was hit by a bus while serving a two year mission for our Church in Brazil.  My son is also serving a two year mission in Brazil and so I was very interested in his story.  He had a very long and difficult recovery, but he is just such a neat kid!  If you have time go HERE to read more about his story.  SO amazing!

Here I am with my cute friends Julie and Brooke at the mini conference.  We had fun with the displays!  Love these girls!  We had so much fun and laughed and laughed.
The workshops were so good too!  We went to Old Grist Mill on the way home to eat lunch.  It was so yummy!  

Earlier this week, I went to Maddox with some of my other friends to meet Mert who actually moved away from us!  How dare she?!  We all just love her to pieces and so we all were very excited to see her.  We didn't get quite as loud as we usually do, but I did end up with tears streaming down my face after laughing so hard!  
Always a good time with these girls!

Quite possibly the highlight of the week was when I got several photos of my son Taylor who is serving in Brazil on a two year mission for our church from this sweet lady who takes care of him (i.e. feeds him quite frequently!)  haha   
She writes to me and tells me what a great missionary he is and how all the people of Brazil love him.  She said the little children especially love him.  She says he is an amazing missionary and doing a good job in Brazil.  Ah... does a mom's heart good! 

He looks like he is eating well, but I can tell from his photos he has lost quite a bit of weight!  I wish I could go over there and make him some crepes every day to fatten him back up!  =) 

And, of course, I attended the Witch Fest.  For that post go HERE!


Audrey said...

How frustrating! NONE of your pictures showed up on this post. Makes me sad, I wanted to see them.

Jodi said...

Oh thanks for letting me know! I worried that might happen because blogger was being weird! They show up on mine, so if you hadn't said something I would have never known! THANKS!!!
I'll try and re-do!

Audrey said...

The pics are there now - so much more fun to read with the pictures!

Jodi said...

Yea! If you ever see any more posts where they aren't there, please let me know! THANKS!


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