Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Are Your Favorite/Least Favorite Chores Around the House? ~ Day 15

Well, it really should go without saying that with five boys, my least favorite chore is 

I am not a fan.
It's a crappy job.  Pun intended.

In fact, when we built our home, I added wall hung toilets in two of my bathrooms in order to prevent all that cleaning around the base.  I am positive a man designed the toilet.  Could it really be any more difficult to clean around those bases? 

With five boys came a myriad of problems.
I will never understand how they can be such poor aims.
The ceiling?  Really?

And why is it so hard to remember to flush?

I was going to hang a cute sign like this
right above their toilet, but then I found a giant metal sign that simply said:
Less to read, more to the point.  
I immediately bought it and hung it above their toilet. 
It helped.
Not enough.
I am pretty sure they were looking up to read it instead of aiming.

Now THIS  I could go for!

Actually I hate cleaning any part of the bathroom.

My other least favorite jobs are:
*Cleaning windows
*Cleaning light fixtures
*Cleaning my basement
*Cleaning my fridge

My favorite jobs are:
That's right... there aren't any. =)

But if I HAD to choose, I would probably say organizing anything.  I love to do that once I get started.  I don't really mind dusting, vacuuming, or laundry either.

 Amen to this

wish my favorite chore was giving a maid a list of things to do....

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Audrey said...

Yuck! I can imagine that cleaning up after 5 boys is a daunting task! I totally think the maid idea is the very best!!!!


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