Monday, October 7, 2013

Record Something That Happened In The Last Week ~ Day 7

This week Mr. Cat celebrated his 2nd Birthday!

We don't really know his actual birth-date since he was a rescue, but we know about when and so we chose Oct. 4th. Because 10-4 is easy to remember. 
 I'm glad he has stuck around for two years, but after this ↓ I'm hoping he will stick around for another one or 20!  I love my Mr. Cat!

He's a good sport!

And no, he doesn't get to put his little paws on the counter
 E V E R.  
I made an exception for his b-day!

I had to include this photo of this week too because I am still in shock!  This was taken at Mckay's JV football game this week.
YES that is the S word!  
SNOW the first week of October!
I am so not ready for this!  SO. NOT. READY.
I still haven't recovered from last year's miserable winter.
But as they say, "you can't control the weather!" 
Guess I'll just have to accept it.

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