Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Are Some Embarrassing Moments You've Had? ~ Day 13

Where do I start?

This is one of those questions that people get asked all the time and so I should keep track of mine somewhere so I can just answer when needed, but unfortunately I have so many that I have forgotten most of them!

And then there are those moments that I wouldn't ever write about or tell anyone. I have many of those too! haha  

But the one that sticks out the most in my mind is when I was at the Olive Garden and went to use the restroom.  I walked in and did my thing and as I came out of my stall, I saw a man walk in.  He looked at me a little odd.   I kind of smirked and thought to myself, "Oh man, is he ever going to be embarrassed when he realizes he is in the wrong bathroom!".  I walked out where there was a huge crowd sitting and waiting for a table.  They were all quite friendly and smiling at me which I thought it was odd.  But I just smiled back and went back to my table.  A little later one of my family members asked me to go with her to the restroom, (why is it women hate to go alone to the restroom?) and so I joined her back to the ladies room.  As we turned the corner, I started to go in the same door  that I had gone in earlier on my previous visit and she started to go in another.  I laughed and told her that she was going in the wrong one.  She immediately said that "I" was the one going in the wrong one.  I stopped and looked at the sign on the side of the door and sure enough, I was heading back into the men's room!  I had been in the men's room the entire time!  No wonder all those people were smiling at me!  And I thought they were just being friendly!  They were all laughing because they witnessed me go in and out of the men's room!  I started to scream as we walked in to the ladies room telling her what I had done earlier.   I was so embarrassed!  But, it hasn't been a once in a lifetime occurrence.   It has happened several times since.  But luckily NOW when it happens, I at least notice these things and do a quick about face!  Albeit with a red face!  
Now I know why women go in pairs or groups to the ladies room.  It's to keep the ones like me out of the men's room!

When I was attending Weber State, I was walking down some outside stairs on my way to a class and suddenly tripped going down the stairs.  Wouldn't have been so bad except #1 I was in a dress, and #2 a hot guy witnessed the entire thing and ran over to see if I was okay.  I jumped up and pretended nothing happened.  The only thing I injured was my ego.  Big time.

Another time in college, when I was performing on stage at a big production with the Weber State Folk Dancers,  I somehow kicked off one of my clogging shoes right in the middle of the dance.  It went flying and there was no way I could maintain stage presence and retrieve it!  I had to just finish the dance with only one shoe.  But, at least I didn't rip my pants like one of the boys did during another performance.

Another time I had an embarrassing moment when I was performing was when I was the majorette at WSU and also twirling on the rifle team. During a football halftime performance I did a routine with the rifle team and then it was time for my majorette number. I had my majorette costume on underneath my rifle uniform but due to time constraints I had to remove my rifle uniform (it was a white blouse with a vest and a longer skirt) right there on the edge of the field in front of the audience. I tried to be very indiscreet and quick as possible, but I was getting all kinds of whistles and cat calls etc. I was so embarrassed! Maybe I should of just hammed it up!

I added this photo because you can barely see my purple costume underneath my white shirt. I am on the far left.
I had to go from that to thisin a few seconds in front of a crowd of thousands.  

Oh my goodness, there are SO MANY more...where do I stop? I will stop here for now before I get in too deep!  For some reason the ones that happened a long time ago stick out in my mind better than the current ones.  I think now at this stage in my life when embarrassing things happen to me, I just put them aside in my brain so they will disappear and I won't have to remember them!  That seems to work well for me! heehee   

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Audrey said...

Isn't is great to know that we ALL have embarrassing moments? AND that we can laugh at them!
I too had a similar experience in a men's bathroom, but I won't admit it!


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