Friday, November 8, 2013

Record Something That Happened in the Last Week? ~ Day 20

We had our FIRST snowfall this week!
There is always something so magical about the first snowfall and so I didn't even mind it too much.  The best part was it melted pretty fast!  But, I am still so NOT ready for winter!  I am not sure I ever would be unless it just came uninvited.
"The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?" -JB Priestley

Since it was cold and snowy, I decided to scatter some sunshine!
 I was in charge of the humanitarian project for our Relief Society meeting on Tuesday and so I thought it would be a fun idea if we served each other right in our own little ward by scattering sunshine to one another.
*Thanks Dawn for letting me borrow back the sign I made for you!  hehe
 I had four stations the sisters rotated from.  
*Scattering Sunshine through Random Acts of Kindness - this one they choose four names out of a bowl and they are to do a simple act of kindness to each one during the month. I had a handout of ideas of things they could do from something as simple as pray for them, to something as big as wash their windows or invite them to dinner.
*Write A Thank You Note - this one they could either make a thank you note or use one already provided to write a sister in the ward a note of thanks or just to tell her how much they admire her.  
*Missionary Letter - this one they were to choose one of the twelve missionaries we have out and write a letter to them.  I had envelopes with their addresses already provided for them and so all they had to do was write the letter. 
*Give and Take Table - this was a table where they could take something home that someone else had brought that they no longer wanted or used. 
 It was a lot of fun and I hope it will help spread some sunshine into many lives this month!

Some of the ideas of things they could take to their sisters.↓
 We also had two classes that were fabulous.  Audrey spoke on how to remember you loved one's in heaven during the holidays and Heather spoke on ways to simplify Christmas.  Both of them did a great job!  I got a photo of Audrey so she could add it to her blog.

Wednesday of this week marked the ONE YEAR mark that Taylor has been out on his mission!
WOW!  I honestly can't believe it's already been a full year!  It has gone by faster than I could have even hoped!  And best thing is I get to talk to him on Christmas!  I can't wait!  I am so proud of that boy!  He is the best missionary and is sharing the gospel with so many who need it.

Another really bizarre thing that happened this week was while I was on a run, I saw over 20 dead snakes within about a 20 yard distance.  It was so crazy!  I am not sure how or why there were so many in such a close area, but there were!  It kind of creeped me out especially since Halloween is over!
But I also found five pennies and a dime and two heart shaped rocks on the same run.  So I guess that made up for the snakes!

 It was also this great lady's birthday on the right.  Bonnie and I took Mona out to breakfast to celebrate her birthday.  She is a woman I admire so much and she always has me laughing.  Mona is real!  She is the most real person I know.  There is not a fake bone in her body.  With Mona what you get is what you get.  She will tell you just how it is too!  I love that about her!

 I also got this photo this week from my son Skyler who is working in Hawaii.  This is a photo of his spear fishing catch.  A trumpet fish, a scorpion fish, and an octopus.  He ate them all!  YUCKO!


Dawn said...

It looks like your RS went well....great ideas of scattering sunshine! Awesome that half the mission is complete! Good times!

Audrey said...

Loved your Scatter Sunshine ideas! It was a lot of fun. I always feel like I'm surrounded by a ray of sunshine whenever I'm with you - you are always so upbeat and FUN! And thanks for the picture, I'll be sure to blog about it now!


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