Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Sky!

Happy 23rd Birthday Skyler!
Disclaimer: As it is quite obvious I had some ISSUES with the photos and my scanner. UGH! Sorry, I will try and fix it as soon as's brand new. But I just HAD to post it ON his birthday! Or you can just pretend they are supposed to look that way!!!

23 photos and 23 reasons why I'm glad you're my son!

#1 You made me a mother...thank you!
~You and Mutsy ~

#2 You were then and still are my SUNSHINE♥
~6 months old in the first tux I'd ever sewn~

#3 You are so dang smart and have always made me proud to be your mom.

~At the World Series game in St. Louis in 1987 - age 2 - your name won the ticket drawing so we got to go~ #4 You have always been willing to try new things.

~You loved soccer, even though at your first game (age 4 - not this photo) you chased the butterflies instead of the ball!#5 You have an amazing logical mind and have always been able to reason with others.
~You always wanted to be just like your Dad and followed him around everywhere. Here you are with your own doctor kit making rounds in the hospital at age 3 while visiting your brother Tyson~

#6 You were the first grandchild on both sides and have set an outstanding example for all your cousins.
~And we thought YOU were a look at us!~#7 Nothing is ever too hard for you. You like a challenge. Never and can't are not part of your vocabulary.
~Age 2~

#8 You are not afraid to try new adventurous things...i.e. sky diving, rappelling, cliff jumping, scuba diving, etc. even though I am never a strong supporter!
~Always dressing up in some super hero get up!~

#9 Just your presence calms me.
~What a guy!~#10 You have always been a great big brother to look up to.
~Tyson and buds forever~

#11 You have always been the first to do a job and to work hard at whatever you were asked to do.
~You and Ty~

#12 Your knowledge and comprehension of the gospel continually amazes me.
~Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake - Go Turtle Power!~

#13 You have always let your bros be a part of your life...driving them around with you, taking them to fun places, training them to be pyros, :0... etc.
~Age 8~

#14 You have an incredible amount of ambition and drive.
~Can't wait to get off that lap!~

#15 You are willing to question things until you understand them and know for yourself.
~Age 7~
#16 You stay positive and upbeat no matter the situation.
~First trip to Alaska-age 12~

#17 You are a loyal friend.
~One of your high school dances with your buds~

#18 You set goals and work SO hard to accomplish them.

~The bros~

#19 You never take no for an answer if there is a way to make it happen.

~Your Junior Prom ~ with the hottest girl in the school!~

#20 You treat me and all other women with great respect.
~You and your hockey buds after winning 2nd in the State Championship~#21 You see the best in all people and don't focus on others faults.
~Senior photos~

#22 You seek for the best in life.

~One of your missionary photos~

#23 You have enriched my life so much and I feel honored to be your mother!




Doran & Jody said...

Happy Birthday Skyler!!!

brenda said...

You have a 23 year old? You are too young to have one that old! Hope it was a good birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sky! From Uncle Bill & Aunt Sharon- picture #6 brought tears to my eyes, Made me think of your great Grandmother Helen for some reason. Have a great day. LUV to you.

Dave said...

Great pictures Jo. Brought back some tender memories.


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