Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What a heart-breaking game!!!

I was hoping to post this photo with BEAMING faces,
but this was taken right after a heart-breaking loss for
Taylor's (#24) league championship game that went into
TRIPLE OVERTIME! This is one (of three) of Taylor's basketball leagues he played on this year. This was his draft league team that was undefeated through the whole season - with the exception of one game they had to forfeit because only four players showed up. They still played the game and won it playing 4 on 5. They were an amazing team.
Last night was the final championship game. They did a hoop shoot contest at the beginning for prizes and Taylor made a shot from mid-court...winning him a 2 liter bottle of pop. Yeah, it was worth more than that, but who cares? He made it!
The game begun and it was neck in neck the whole way, but we were ahead the entire game until the very last seconds, when the other team scored and sent it into overtime.
Another three minutes on the clock, with both teams playing very intense. It was soooooo stressful to watch! We were in the lead, with only seconds left AGAIN, until they scored and tied it up AGAIN!
Now into double overtime with THREE MORE MINUTES in the game. I wasn't sure I could take much more. Especially when Taylor missed both his free-throws! Still neck in neck and once again it ended with a tie!!!!!!!! This was getting ridiculous!
THREE MORE minutes and now TRIPLE OVERTIME! They changed the clock back to TWO minutes (they were thinking the same as me I guess!) We were ahead. Then it was tied until the last 30 or so seconds and the other team fouled us (and the ref didn't call it!) and then they scored! They called a foul on us and so they got to shoot two free throws and made one. With only 12 seconds left...we had the ball and turned it over! Holding our breath now and nearly the whole audience on their feet, it went to a jump ball -our possession- and we turned it over again! The buzzer went off and it was sadly, sorrowfully, depressingly OVER!
Such a heart breaker! They were a very equally matched team. BUT, I still thought we deserved it. We played so well until the very end. At least there are many life lessons that can come out of it and hopefully they will all be better players because of it! I know Taylor will be practicing his free throws now a lot more than his 3- pointers! I think I may be hoarse for a while!
There are some more photos on the slide show (and would be more but my camera battery decided to die.) The other photos are from St. Patrick's Day happenings.


Jen said...

Oh man! What a bummer! What an awesome season though! Tell Taylor congrats!

Jodi said...

Thanks I will! Almost a replay of those YW games!!!! UGH!

lyndzie said...

that is sad but like you said some lessons will come from it and they will better for it. still tough though!

Yvonne said...

Oh, that is so hard. You sound like me watching my kids play in games like that--I get so excited. Those kind of games are tough to watch. I have a SIL who is a ref and he reminds they can't call everything--yeah, right ; (

Congrats to Taylor for a great season.


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