Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Holly....

Holly's 40th Birthday Party!
Come on can STILL smile! It's not THAT bad!!!

That's better!!!We had our own little private room at Maddox.
Good thing Julie has connections!This is what happens if you eat BLACK frosting!!!
Julie keeping her Grandma and Grandpa Maddox "straight"!------>
My VERY cute and nice friends: (L to R) Sherry, Jody, Steph, Holly, Me, Darcee, Heather, Jen, Robyn, Loraine, Julie
We all had a great time!!! How could we not with great friends and great food???!!!
My little buddy Logan came too! Good thing I had some chocolate!
I'm so glad we have birthdays so we have an excuse to go out to lunch! Not like I ever NEED an excuse, but it's still nice to have one! We had a great time!
Happy Birthday Holly!
Oh and thanks for kicking my butt every morning (well okay three days a week!) You are the only one that could get me up at the crazy hour of 5:30 a.m. to exercise! You are the BEST instructor-trainer on the planet! Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Loved the black tongue! Where can I get one of those? lol


Yvonne said...

Nothing better than getting together with friends--and you're right, who needs an excuse!!!

Cathy said...

How fun! I love Maddox too.


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