Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break Vacay!

I like moose... as long as it's chocolate!
We have been away for spring break and just returned. I was unable to keep this updated since I only had internet very sparsely and then it was only for minutes at a time. AND even with that, I had to fight the rest of the family for it! We went to my in-laws cabin in Alpine Wyoming...about 40 miles from Jackson Hole. Yes, I know, you are supposed to go south for spring break to the warmth NOT north to the freezing cold! BUT...it was a lot of fun. Dave's sister Linda and her family were up there with us and we had so much fun snowmobiling, playing games, eating, cooking, moose sighting, and just plain messing around. I took a lot of photos and plan on posting them when I get a chance...(translated as: when I am un-buried from all the laundry!) Going north tends to produce much more laundry than going south. Lots of sweatshirts and heavy clothes as opposed to lightweight shorts and t-shirts!
Stay tuned...
But until then, if you want to read about some of my moose-ing around (stupidity) while there, check out my running blog here ...

And I would love to hear what YOU did for spring break!


Yvonne said...

I love Wyoming ; ) LOL at the laundry comment--winter laundry takes so much longer than spring laundry. (You always have so many more bags for a trip--sweaters, sweatshirts, etc., take up so much more room ; )

Sounds like a great trip--can't wait to see the pictures.

We don't have Spring Break for another week--off to Utah and Arizona.

Jodi said...

That's when spring break SHOULD be...when it's warm enough to enjoy the weather! Are you from a colder climate than Utah and AZ? Like MAYBE Wyoming? LOL

Nancy Face said...

I love singing a ridiculous song at young women's camp about a great big moose that likes to drink a lot of juice! :)

I showed my daughter and her boyfriend your comment about your RM son...the boyfriend said something to the effect that he can NOT have her! Tee hee! ;)

Jodi said...

Tell Lauren that she really needs to "shop" around before she makes such an important decision! lol
I am sure she has guys pounding on her door constantly, so tell her boyfriend he better work fast!!! ;)

I have never heard that moose song! Care to recite it? ;)

sara said...

Patiently waiting for the pictures! Still doing laundry? ;0)


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