Monday, March 10, 2008

Visit to Pres. Hinckley's grave

~Visit to President Gordon B. Hinckley's grave site~

The dirt you can see with all the flowers on it is where he is actually buried.

Notice the trademark cane sticking out of the ground.

Those are small pinecones around the granite.

This is Sister Hinckley's head stone.

This is the view looking north

The view looking south-east into the Salt Lake Valley. The large head stone at the bottom right is President David O. McKays.

This is President McKay's head stone. It is considerably larger than President Hinckleys. I was quite surprised. But then I realized that is so typical of President Hinckley to not want much attention drawn to him...or as he used to say "adulation is poison".

They still don't have the date of his death on the head stone.

If you can't read this it says:

When we got back in the car the special tribute they played on FM100 after his passing came on as soon as we drove off. The timing was perfect... one of those tender mercies. To listen go to :

I tried to download on here as a video but wasn't successful. It is worth listening to though.

Till we meet again....

***Check out my slideshow at the bottom. AND will someone tell me how to post a slideshow in just a regular post? Been having problems with the server today, but not sure if that's why.


Holly said...

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing this.

lisa said...

That is pretty cool.

cara said...

He must have been an awesome man. Thanks for sharing that video.

cara said...

He must have been an awesome man. Thanks for sharing that video.

Anonymous said...

Hey, interesting topic. I just found your blog and I'm already a fan. 8]

Anonymous said...

Do you know exactly where his plot is? Because we tried to find and miserably failed.


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