Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How well do you know me?

Take the quiz and see. Then make your own!

Click on it to see how everyone did!!!

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Can you Ace my quiz?
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How did you do??? ♥

Right now Davis, Paigely, and Madi are in the lead! Can you beat their score??? :)


Jen said...

O.K. so I don't want to give anything away but the knickname...seriously.....I'd like the story behind that one!

Jodi said...

All I will say is my maiden name was VanDenakker. lol

Jodi said...

WOW! Paigely, Davis, and Madisyn! You scored 100% You are the winners so far! I am glad you know me so well!
Aunt Jodi

Victoria Wilding said...

All of this alluding to pole dancing makes me wonder if you have some excuse other than jogging for being in such good shape. Secret hidden talent?

Anonymous said...

Amazing web page! Stunning! :) I can see why you are "addicted" You are VERY good at what you do, which appears to be about everything!

I too was curious about the pole dancing comments! I hear it is great exercise AND they even have classes now! My hubby would get a laugh out of that! lol

Keep up the good work!



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