Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where You'd Like to Be In 10 Years~ Day #2

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

~Where You'd Like to Be In 10 Years~

Oh goodness, this one is going to take some serious thinking!  

I can't even bear to think of the age I will be in 10 years!  It sounds so stinkin' OLD!  Yikes!  BUT... getting older does beat the least I think it does!  That will remain to be determined I guess.  ;)

Okay, in 10 years, I would like to be a doting Grandma and a wonderful mother in law.  Let's put it this way...  I BETTER BE A GRANDMA BY THEN!  I would love to be one right now, right this very minute, but the sons are NOT cooperating!  But being a Grandma is what I want the most for myself in ten years.  I would even be happy if I have all grandsons!  I just want some of those little munchkins to love and squeeze and spoil rotten!

I would like to be better at service when it comes to others.  I always have such good intentions, but oft times the things I really want to do to help someone gets washed away in the busyness of the week.  I get frustrated with myself sometimes because I really do have good intentions.  Just not always a great follow through!

I would love to have a cabin at Bear Lake so our family has a place that we can gather and get away from it all, but that is still remotely close and easy to escape to.  

I would also like to be a published author.  I have a book (or books) that I have been wanting to write for so many years now that I am afraid it is never going to happen.  And that is okay I guess too, but if I can do it, that is a goal I'd like to achieve. These books are mainly to preserve the ideas of my family traditions and the crazy antics of motherhood I have experienced. No novels, no fiction, just the reality of life.  I also hope to have all my blog books published and on a shelf so I can look at them whenever I choose.

I would also like to have gone back to school and have completed my Master's Degree.  Though that goal isn't as important to me now as it was a few years ago.  I just love to learn and gaining an education has always been something I LOVE.  I can't get enough information about most things and so I am always seeking knowledge in one form or another.  

I also want to get back into my watercoloring.  I took lessons a few years back and it was something that I enjoyed doing with my son Tyson, who has since passed away.  I would love to dedicate more time to becoming good at it, because I wasn't too great and I need time to improve. 

One thing that I TRULY hope I can say I will be doing in ten years, is playing the harp!  Learning to play the harp has been something that I have wanted to do now for many years but there was never really time because all the teachers live out of my current city and when the boys were younger there just simply wasn't time for me to pursue that.  Now that they are all older and don't need me to be right there every minute, I feel like I DO have the time to dedicate to it.  I have just felt like for some reason I am supposed to learn how to play this instrument.  Maybe it's because that will be my only chance of getting into heaven.  There may be a shortage of harp players and they may let me in just because I can play it and they are desperate.  hehe   I know it will be extremely difficult to learn (so I've heard - even if you have studied piano, which I did for 10 years) but I am ready to just jump in with both feet and do it!  I am planning on beginning lessons this fall!  I am so excited!!!

And of course I hope to still be running like a mad woman!  Running is my therapy and I am praying that I will still be healthy enough in ten years to keep kickin' it out of me.  I feel so much better when I run and I know it is something that I would miss desperately if I couldn't do it anymore.  My dream is to be one of those old ladies that run marathons and doesn't die doing it!  Okay, maybe just half marathons at that point, but I do want to still be a fierce competitor!  

I guess I shouldn't leave out the common answer which is I would like to be happy.  That is something we all want .  And I now know that no matter what, I will be because I truly believe deep down that we choose whether or not we want to be happy.  Even if our lives are miserable, we can still choose happiness. And happiness is a choice.  I have learned that the freeway to happiness is gratitude.  No matter how bad things are, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  And when we are grateful, we are happy.  Simple as that!

There are so many other things that I could add here ~~~ but for now, I will just leave it at this.


Audrey said...

Holy Smokes! I didn't know half of the things you wrote about! You water color? You write books? I knew about the harp desire, but didn't know it was actually happening. You are truly AMAZING! Good luck on all your endeavors! (and congrats on blogging two days in a row!)

Jodi said...

Yes I am going to make the harp happen! Dave isn't totally on board, but still going to forward!
Two days! yea!!!!


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