Monday, August 26, 2013

Write 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself - Day #14

Blog Challenge - Day 14
 ~Write 15 25 Interesting Facts About Yourself~ 
  1. I studied Japanese in college. Can barely count to 10 in it now.
  2. I love to bake.  It's therapy for me.  Especially on chilly days.  I have baked and decorated close to 20 wedding cakes so far.  The wedding cakes are NOT therapy for me.  Quite the opposite, in fact.
  3. I am an animal lover.  I do not understand how people can abuse animals.  If I was allowed, I am sure I would have a house full of all kinds of cats and dogs.
  4. I love reading biographies or autobiographies of strong women and men.  I love reading about others lives. In fact, I love reading these kind of lists that I am making right now.  I love to learn about the "realness" of people's lives.
  5. I once went on a blind date.  I mean a real blind date.  I mean my date was blind.  True story...
  6. I love to be scared! I love haunted houses and scary movies, even though I hate them at the same time.  In junior high school I was once chased up a staircase by a scary bigfoot creature at a haunted house and I peed my pants!
  7. I love to people watch!  LOVE. it.
  8. I once turned orange because I ate so many carrots.  I was attending Dixie College and me and my roommates decided to go on a crash diet and lived basically on veggies.  I love carrots and so I ate more than I should have.  My mom took me to the doctor when I came home on a break and he said that I was fine, but needed to stop eating so many carrots!  I love veggies so much that I could probably live on them.  Well, that is as long as I had some carbs and chocolate included as well!!
  9. I love the smell of things that are bad for me.  Gasoline, magic markers, airplane glue, etc.  In 4th grade I took a science summer class and we made paper weights out of fossils we found and the plastic stuff we set them in was the best smell on the planet!  I just inhaled and inhaled!  Which probably explains a lot...
  10. I learned how to drive a stick in my brother's 65 red Mustang.  He learned how to swear while he was teaching me how.
  11. I love the ocean...but I HATE seafood!  I think I was born to live near the ocean.  It just settles me and brings me so much peace and happiness.  I can't get enough of it.
  12. I was the first one (that I am aware of) on both sides of my family that received a college degree.
  13. I love puns and creative plays on words.
  14. When I was little, we would go trick or treating with a pillow case and come home with it full.  I didn't want to eat it all at once and so I put the case under my bed and there it sat without me eating ANY of it, until it got so old I had to throw it all away.  I am a hoarder.  
  15. I love to organize.  It gives me a high that I can't get any other way.
  16. I love doing this list so much that I am going to keep going. 
  17. I have a black thumb and everything dies at my touch. I love to trim bushes outside, and once I get going you can't stop me.  My husband has banned me from doing this now.
  18. I have only broken one bone.  My tail bone. But I have broken it three times.  The last time I broke it was giving birth to my 4th son.  I did crush the bones of the tips of all my fingers on my right hand once when my hand was shut in the door.
  19. When I was growing up, we had 11 Samoyed dogs (10 puppies) living INSIDE our home.
  20. I won a Miss Smile contest when I was a junior in high school.  Ironically, I now need braces again.
  21. I changed my name when I was in 2nd grade to Mae.  My teacher was so upset that she asked the entire class who Mae was?  I had to reluctantly raise my hand as she scolded me in front of the class for doing that.  I didn't see anything wrong with it since it IS after all my middle name.
  22. I love to lay on a just made bed!
  23. I have a need to get outside daily (for a run or walk) or I don't do so well that day.
  24. I have a fear of heights but I was talked into going sky diving by my son Sky.
  25. I love rain!  I could live in the rain forest and never tire of it. It brings me joy.  

 If you want to read the list of 100 things that actually ARE interesting (okay just to me! - but the photos of the puppies are great!) that I did five years ago- you can check it out here.  I just read it and sadly this list is extremely UN-interesting by comparison.  BUT  hey... I did it and I am still on board with the challenge!  Woo-hoo day 14 already! Almost half way there!

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