Thursday, August 29, 2013

How Important You Think Education Is - Day #17

 Blog Challenge - Day 17
~How Important You Think Education Is~

I love to learn!  I find joy and satisfaction in learning new things.  I want to know about so many things.  I just wish I had one of those brains that didn't forget once it had learned something!  Sometimes I have to study the exact same thing over and over and then I will still forget it. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to learn.  I think I could have been one of those forever students that never stop going to college if I had the funds to do so. I just plain and simply love learning.  This world is so full of the most interesting things and when I think of all that I don't know, I just want to absorb it all!  

I have always tried to continually educate myself through reading via newspapers, magazines, etc. and now on the internet.  I am becoming a reformed book-a-holic and when I used to go into a bookstore, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Now since the internet, I tend to do a LOT of my reading online and I don't buy or read as many books anymore.  I am also a Google Nerd and I can be found Googling frequently.  

I also love to take community classes that are offered.  Throughout my life, I have taken classes on writing, photography, parenting, sewing, water-coloring, gourmet cooking, dancing, motherhood, cake decorating, Benjamin Franklin, family traditions, family history, finances, marriage, self-defense, first aid, home decor, spiritual and religious topics, etc. etc. etc.  I could never name them all because I can't even remember half of them.  I love to attend BYU Education Week, Women's Conferences, American Mother's conventions and conferences, and pretty much ANY conference or educational forum offered.  If it's offered, I am there!  I love such a variety of subjects and topics that there is ALWAYS something being taught that interests me. 

I have always been big on education.  I believe that knowledge is power and the more we learn, the more successful lives we will lead.  That is not to say that if you have a formal education that you will be happier or wiser.  I believe education does not solely come from formal schooling.  I believe education happens each and every day of our lives as we learn from life's challenges and just through daily living.
I do, however, strongly encourage my son's to earn a degree from a University so they will always have that as a safeguard.  Since I was the first one on both sides of my family for generations to earn a Bachelors Degree, I really try and instill in my boy's how important it is to get a formal education.  That alone will open doors that otherwise will be shut.   

So yes, I do feel education is very important, but education in all kinds of things, not just chemistry and algebra. I first got my Associates Degree in Child Development from Weber State and then my Bachelor's in Family Science/Food and Nutrition with a minor in Psychology. And... I have been working in my field ever since!  I knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom and so I wanted to learn all I could in that area so I could be prepared and ready to do that job (thee hardest job on the planet!) the best that I could.  I have since learned that particular job comes with a LOT of on the job training that can be learned no other way!

And since knowledge is the only thing we take with us when we die, I think it's probably a pretty good idea to spend some time gaining a bit. =)
‘He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.’ A Chinese proverb.

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