Thursday, August 22, 2013

Your Guilty Pleasures - Day #10

 Blog Challenge - Day 10
 ~Your Guilty Pleasures~

It seems a lot of my guilty pleasures involve chocolate which is silly because I really don't feel guilty when I eat the stuff.  BUT... I guess I "should", so I added them!

Pinterest - LOVE it!  I have 52 boards, 2600 pins, and almost 1,800 followers.
Olive Garden Chocolate Almond Amore' - Oh my!
Sister Wives - I don't "get it" but I'm fascinated by it.
Naps on Sunday - My favorite time of the day!
Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds - Hooked on these!

 Taco Time Mexican Pizza - rarely eat it because it's so laden with calories, but OH!
Barry Manilow - Love listening to his music!

Donny Osmond  -he HAS to be on the list!
Old movies - I am a sucker for the old Doris Day and old musicals.
Popcorn - movie kind with butter!
Holland Mints - could eat a pound of these at once
Dove chocolate - just makes me happy
Being alone - I love to be alone and chill!  Not all the time, but occasionally.
Carbs - I am a total carb freak!  Luckily my running supports this!  ;)
Cookies or Brownies for breakfast - I know, but so yummy!
Brady Bunch - I love any of the old sitcoms!  So much better than the current ones!

Gangnam Style - this song and beat gets me rockin'
Johnny Depp - no explanation needed

Massage - I never get them anymore, but they would be a guilty pleasure if I did!
Solitaire  - I chill at night before bed playing this quite often
Dairy Queen Frozen Hot Chocolate - The best!
Shopping - What can I say?  It brings me joy!
Facebook - Love reconnecting with all my old pals.
BYU Mint Brownies - Oh man - I crave these!

Someone playing with my hair or rubbing my feet - Mmmmmm
Chick Flicks - I love watching a good chick flick!
A stop at Farr's Fresh when I'm in Ogden for Licorice Ice Cream (yogurt) - just discoved this place!
Carrabba's Chocolate Dream Cake- I want this for my last meal on the planet.  It is to DIE for!!!


Audrey said...

It's amazing how many of your guilty pleasures sound FANTASTIC to me!

Dawn said...

so as I read and find more similarities I wonder......why did God separate us at birth? ;) There are only a few things on your list that I haven't quite discovered yet! (it's funny to me that I also play solitaire before bed) :D

Jodi said...

Haha Dawn, I think we were soul sista's before we were sistas! If I had to be a lot like someone, I am glad that someone is you!


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