Sunday, August 25, 2013

Your Earliest Memory - Day #13

Blog Challenge - Day 13
~Your Earliest Memory~
This one took some thinking.  I do believe though that my earliest memory was when I was living in Sparks Nevada when I was in Kindergarten.  It was the first day of Kindergarten at the school Agnes Risley....or it could have been Alice Maxwell.  But I think I went to Agnes Risley for Kindergarten and to Alice Maxwell for 1st thru 3rd grade.  The school pictures are no where to be found.  =(    I remember having to take a nap on a mat and not liking it and I remember the graham crackers and milk they fed us for snack as well.  Those memories aren't too bad, but then it gets worse.  I remember on that same day waiting outside the school after the bell had rung to go home and standing on the sidewalk where all the buses were lining up to take the kids all home from school and I remember being in a total panic because I didn't know if I was supposed to get on the bus or wait for my Mom to come and get me.  I am sure it was only a few moments, but in my memory it was a very scary and frightening few moments.  I also remember feeling GREAT relief when I saw my Mom arrive to pick me up! 

I also remember getting packages from my Grandma Mae while we lived there.  She would send me ruffled under-panties and little brown sacks full of penny candy, including chocolate licorice!  I loved those packages!

Another early memory was of my Mom being a postman (lady) while we lived there and I remember she brought me a prize each day that first week she worked.  The only one I remember was a book.  I think she only worked for one week because she hated being away from us. And she was not a fan of the rabid dogs!

One of my earliest memories of my favorite book when I was little was this book called I Want to Be a Homemaker.  The photos below may be from it, but the cover was not like this one.  I have the book in my possession, but I can't for the life of me find it to take photos of it. Dang!  I remember that book so well.  I loved it and it was the main reason I wanted to be a homemaker when I grew up.  

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