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Your Zodiac Sign and If You Think It Fits Your Personality -Day #6

 Blog Challenge - Day 6
Your Zodiac Sign and If You Think It Fits Your Personality

I am not one to put my faith or trust in a zodiac sign or in astrology, but this was still a lot of fun to see how close some of these were to my real personality.

I am LEO the LION - hear me roar!   
Hmm... I would hope most of these are true!  haha  I'm not exactly laid back (though I wish I were!), but I DO know how to have fun!  I also wouldn't consider myself real talkative unless I am in the right setting. And as far as the part about "dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things"....well... that one is way off!  I LOVE adding "fluff" to many of the things I do. I have a tendency to "over-do" many things because I enjoy adding that little extra umph or detail to things.  Yes, I am the only Sunday School teacher that puts a tablecloth on her table - something that seems totally unnecessary, but to me it's essential!  ;)  To me that "fluff" IS necessary!  If something is worth doing, it's worth over-doing!  =)

I love to dance and  ice skate.  I wish I had taken ice skating lessons when I was younger because I really enjoy it.  The theater and dramatic activities is so not me!  I love being the life of the party, but not the center of attention especially in a play etc.  I do LOVE to eat and party though!  Love the energetic activities but one of those also happens to be considered mindless and boring....running!  Precision aiming? Hmmm......... I am a pretty good shot when it comes to bows and arrows and guns.  Love playing board games!

I do follow my heart!  Sometimes I should listen more to my head, but my heart always wins out!  I am ALL about tradition and family!  Mainly family traditions!  I have many and I love doing them!  I do love nurturing others!  But I do want to be shown love back, unless the person is not capable of it, then I am okay.  My cat is not a lover boy and does not like to be cuddled and I do hold that against him!  :) Yep, on the last one too.

Cocaine?  Wow!  I am told often by others that I am cheerful and happy.  I don't always feel happy, but I have learned that happiness is a choice and if I want to be happy, then I can choose to be.  I just sometimes forget to choose to be.  ;)  Full of vitality one moment and then want to be left alone the next??  Yeah, I guess I do need my down time.  I enjoy being alone quite a bit. I need that time.   I don't agree with the opinion part - other than I am pretty stubborn, but I can also be easily persuaded. 

This is very true...  ↑

I've been known to utter those phrases a time or two... lol

I do agree with that first statement.  I hate to let others down with a passion.  I also won't stand for being treated with contempt and the last thing I want to do is hurt someone, but if someone has crossed me or one of my out! I become a Mother Bear instead of a Lion!  I can be impatient that's a FOR SURE, but I am not too overly dramatic.  It helps to live with all males.  We don't have much drama going on around here. Yes, on the irritability statement, but usually only if it happens during a hormone imbalance! haha  I do hope I'm generous, but it is something that I do have to work on.

All of these are spot on!

In all these years I never knew my element was FIRE or my planet was the SUN.
That was kind of fun to learn something new!

I have loved being a LEO because I have always been a cat lover and so I identify with this sign, but I have always been disappointed that my birthstone was Peridot (a light green color) instead of a purple stone like Amethyst. That is just wrong!  That is the one thing I'd to change about being a Leo.  Like I said above, I don't put too much faith or trust in this stuff, but it is fun once in a while!  And I'm not LION.........   (baaaaaaaad!  WAY bad!)

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