Monday, August 19, 2013

Your Favorite Childhood Toys- Day #7

 Blog Challenge - Day 7
Your Favorite Childhood Toys

Okay this one was fun!  It really took me back!  I had a great childhood and nothing but really good memories!

Well... it all started with a little doll with purple hair that I was given when I was two years old.  After that I have been obsessed with EVERYTHING purple since!  At least that's the story I've always been told. I don't remember the doll at all, but I'm sure it had a "good" shade of purple as not all shades of purple are created equal.  I found a couple on Google that might have worked to influence me so profoundly, but still neither of these are it. 

My favorite dolls that I do remember were Chrissy and Velvet!  Of course Velvet had on a purple velvet dress which didn't influence me at all.  Oh I loved these two!!!

And then there's BARBIE!  I spent so many hours playing with Barbies!  Me and my friends would set up my entire basement as a huge house for our Barbies.  And then we would beg to have a three day long sleepover where we played with them non-stop!  We would make our own furniture out of spare 2x4 pieces of scrap wood and cover it with scrap leather fabric with a staple gun.  Instant leather couch!  We had so much fun with those things!  I didn't want to quit playing them even when I got "too old!"  I'd still play today if I had any of them left, but my Mom gave them all away!  Still breaks my heart to this day!  I took such good care of them too and I had some of the old classics my cousin Shelley passed down to me. 

 The Barbie Camper!  Loved this!

Barbie Cases!

 I also remember playing with a metal doll house!  I think this might be like the one I had!

 I loved my dolls called Little Kiddles!  They were scented!  My favorite one was Honeysuckle!  They were so awesome!  I had quite a collection of them!

 I also loved my Dawn Dolls!  Gosh, this brings back such fond memories!!!

 Since I only had a brother and no sisters and ton of boy cousins, I learned to love playing with Hot Wheels and MatchBox cars!  I had a huge collection of my own. I still have a lot of my old ones that my boys have played with.  

And of course who could forget the Easy Bake Oven!  Loved it too!  Even though those cakes tasted like wood and paint!  Bleh!  But it was fun feeling all grown up and actually baking!

Hopscotch was one of my favorite games!  We would play this at recess for hours.  Here is a Hoppy Taw!  The game just isn't as fun without an authentic Hoppy Taw!!

 Anyone remember the CLACKERS!!!  Mine were purple (of course!) but so much fun!

 I also loved playing Jacks at recess.  I remember this mostly from 1st grade through 3rd grade.

And we all loved Silly Putty!  Still do!!!

Last but not least, who could forget Gumby and Pokey?

That was a fun trip down memory lane!  I am sure I could come up several more if I had the time, but these were fun to go back and think of the good old days for a bit!


Audrey said...

Oh my gosh, I remember all of those fun toys! I can remember hitting my hands and how badly they hurt with the clacker! And Barbies, played and played and played!

Jodi said...

Yes those clackers were dangerous! Must be why they don't sell them anymore! Can you say lawsuit? lol


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