Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your Top Pet Peeves - Day #3

Blog Challenge Day #3
~Your Top Pet Peeves~
  • Looking at phone or texting during dinner
  • Someone standing over my shoulder while I'm reading the newspaper or they take the other part of it to read before I'm done
  • Bad grammar online. {too/two/to} {their/they're/there} {lose/loose} {then/than} {your/you're}
  • People who talk loud when on their cell phone especially in movies
  • Cupboards being left open in kitchen
  • Commercials before a movie
  • People who give out fruit on Halloween
  • People who don't discipline their children especially when they are at my house
  • People that think cussing makes them appear tough
  • Dark chocolate (unless it's Dove)
  • Someone changing the thermostat after I have set it where I want it
  • When someone closes all my open tabs on my computer
  • Opening the microwave to find someone's food splattered all over it
  • People who drive slow in the fast lane 
  • Clean clothes put in the dirty clothes hamper
  • People being wasteful. It drives me crazy when someone orders a big meal at a restaurant and doesn't eat even half of it but leaves it instead of doggy bagging it!

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