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August Snippets ~ 2013

SNIPPETS ~ August 2013

I have decided that I am going to try and do a monthly update.  My goal is try and include  things that I haven't already posted about (for the most part anyway - I'm sure there will be some repeats once in a while)I'm hoping that way, I won't be so overwhelmed by trying to do a post on everything that goes on in one month.  I'm going to call it Snippets.  Then I will be reminded that I am just including little snippets of the month and hopefully won't try and write a post on each photo!  I sometimes tend to do the opposite of snippets - whatever that is.... scaddets? I will try to not become overly verbose on the snippets or I will have to rename it!


Family Reunion
I am cheating a little here.  The reunion was really in July, but since it was the first annual one, I wanted to have it on the blog.  Maybe someday I will find time to do a post on it.  Yeah right!
It was held at the cabin in Alpine Wyoming and it was a lot of fun!

My Birthday!

I love my birthday!  I am even okay with getting older.  If I wasn't getting older then I would be getting... well, dead.  Getting older is better.  I'll take it!

My cute nieces Britt and Grace came and stayed with me for a few days while their parents were on a trip.  We had lots of fun!  They decorated my house with streamers on my birthday!  That was a first for me!  Those of the male species typically don't decorate much with streamers!  It was so fun to have some more estrogen in the house for a change!

We made PURPLE crepes!  These were in honor of their parents who were in France at the time!

I got spoiled!  My other nieces made me cupcakes! They were so cute!  Then I was taken out to Maddox and to the Idle Isle candy store and we even shopped a bit.  I got lots of awesome gifts from family and friends!  One friend went way overboard and I am going to have to lock her up or something!

 It was a great birthday, one of the best! Other than Dave was sick and couldn't go out to dinner with us. 
The photo on the bottom right is a picture of the exact same card that two of my friends gave me!  I died laughing.  It was purple, of course, and so I guess the odds are pretty high for that to happen! 

Back to School
  My one and only baby is a junior this year!  Where has the time gone?  I am happy that he now wear's his backpack on his back instead of his front. (He was in Kindergarten, so I guess I'll cut him some slack) 

Back to School Dinner!  This has been almost a 20 year tradition now!  I just love being the mean lunch lady and serving them those delicious canned peas!  Makes me so happy!  Good thing because I was pretty sad I only have one son now to be the lunch lady to.  =(

Mom's Football Night
Each year us powerful moms get to go take a beating and see what it's really like to play football.  This year besides doing drills and plays, we also got to wear the shoulder pads and helmets.  I felt like I was in a straight jacket and got claustrophobic!  I have no idea how they throw a ball, or even see with all that stuff on!  I gained a new respect for football players!  Especially McKay!  I was impressed.  I was mostly impressed I didn't die in the weight room from the lovely scent of a full team of football players who just finished practice!  UGH!
You can see my face on the right photo behind the lady in pink.  I was trying very hard to not breath!  I think everyone's face is showing they were trying to do the same thing!

I got to go watch my nephew Davis play some Little League football too! He begged me to come.  Well, maybe not actually begged, but he asked.  I think that means I am the favorite Aunt.  It brought back so many great memories of when my boys were that size!  I'm amazed how serious the parents take it at that age.  I know we did too, but it amazes me because they are so stinkin' little!
They call him Van for short!  Love it!

A cute little diaper shower death machine I made.  Gotta start em' young! 

Dave has been Bishop for four years now and this was the first time we had a luncheon of all the Bishop's wives in our stake.  The photo on the left is the Bishop wives and the one on the left is the Stake Presidency's wives.  Kind of a historical moment!  (Two were missing)


From the garden!

One of those random great moments.  Saw this as I was driving down the street.

The Instagram 30 Day Yoga/Runner Challenge that I failed.  But hey, at least I tried.

I made it about half way, but then got heat exhaustion and dehydration from a long run and so I was not able to do much for a couple weeks.   But it was fun while it lasted!  I say that in the most respectful way.  I am not sure if I am cut out for Yoga. Maybe I am not twisted enough.  Or maybe I am too twisted. I just know I have a hard time sitting still that long! 

Running in the Rain!

This was about the only rainstorm we had all summer!  I took full advantage of it!  LOVE running in the rain!!!

Fun family time at Boondocks! 

Holy!  I almost left off one of the best parts of the month!  
Krispy Kreme Chocolate Caramel donuts!  Only in the month of August.  
Only one in the tummy of moi!  
I hope they make a return next August!  
Oh my!

There ya have August.  Well, most of it. Well, some of it.  Well, enough of it! 


Jodi said...

I am trying to repost them here.

Love the Snippet idea! A great way to sum up the month and make sure that memories are not forgotten.


Jodi said...

Nice re-cap! You are such a busy gal...I admire all the challenges you go for. I on the other hand am always trying to simplify :) love you & your ambition!

*** Sorry Dawn, I lost your comment when I republished this post! If you see this, you can re-post your comment.


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