Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Post 5 Pictures of Famous People You Find Attractive - Day #21

  Blog Challenge - Day 21
~Post 5 Pictures of Famous People You Find Attractive~

Bob.  He has never lost it.
(I saw him at Lake Powell several years ago as his houseboat was passing ours and I yelled out, "Hey Bob!"  Hey looked over and waved.  I knew it was him because we saw him leave the gas station just a day before.  Gotta love that!)

 Only Johnny has that look...

Tom has been one of my faves for a long time...

Ryan has the most amazing eyes


 Hugh...really what can you say about Hugh?

I have two runner ups...

George just has it...
I wanted to add a picture of Dave, but it said famous people and so I put George on here because Dave gets told that he looks like him quite often.

Bradley Cooper...  definitely shouldn't be a runner up, but it said only five.

The End

Robert Redford, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper.


Audrey said...

Love your choices, Jodi! This was a post of few words. Nice once in awhile - but don't hesitate to continue with the long posts. I always learn something of value from you!

Jodi said...

Haha... I know it was much less verbose than most. I had to give everyone a breather before today's marathon post!
But I appreciate your kind words!

Jodi said...

Marathon as in LONG, not as in race! lol


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