Tuesday, September 17, 2013

♥ Celebrating 31 Years! ♥


It really hardly seems possible that was 31 years ago!
It hardly seems possible I was crazy enough to make my own wedding cake!  WHO does that?

 I loved my colors!  But who wouldn't love those?  

We were married in the Logan Temple in 1982.
Now five boys later, here we are wondering where the time went.



Babies!  We were just babies!

At the time, we had no idea how many things were ahead for us.  So many hard things, and so many wonderful things.  We had our sights set on a great journey together.  And that, it has been.  But we were still so innocent and clueless at the time about how much life had in store for us.  And that is probably a good thing!  Had we known, we might have been tempted to turn back!  =)   hehe


In honor of our Anniversary I am going to write 31 reasons why I L♥VE Dave and why I'm glad I married him.


Here we go:
  1. He rubs my feet for free.  I have to pay my boys to do it. 
  2. He brings me flowers for no reason.
  3. He brings me chocolate (there doesn't need to be a reason for that!)
  4. He surprises me randomly with Pumpkin Squares from Old Grist Mill.
  5. He can cook. And very well too!
  6. He makes the bed.  Every. Day. (that should count for two or three!)
  7. He cleans toilets too! (that should count for 100! At least at this house of all boys!)
  8. He is a fix it man and can fix anything.
  9. He is very talented in a wide variety of things.  Sports, wood-working, gardening, speaking, remembering things, math, counseling others, games (but he still can't beat me in Boggle!) etc.
  10. He always asks me about my day and is sincerely interested.
  11. He is my biggest supporter of my crazy running and attends every race that he can.
  12. He is very generous.
  13. He tolerates my love for animals.  He is about to have to tolerate it a bit more when I come home with a dog one of these days.  ;)
  14. He is very intelligent.
  15. He knows more about the Gospel than anyone else I know.
  16. He keeps our yard beautiful.
  17. He takes very good care of me. If I'm tired he forces me (okay, he carries me upstairs) to take a nap.
  18. He encourages me in my interests and praises me for my accomplishments.
  19. He still opens the car door for me.
  20. He waits up for me.
  21. He writes me love letters.♥
  22. He fills my house with lilacs when they are in bloom.
  23. He works very hard to make a living for our family.
  24. He keeps us healthy! Even when I am stubborn about doing what he says.
  25. He brings his lunch home from the clinic to share with me when a drug rep brings one in.
  26. He is the reason we can peaches, tomatoes, and salsa.  If it were up to me....nope. (I do help, he just has to get us started.)
  27. He leaves me a note or card on my pillow if he is going to be gone for the night.  If I am, then he puts one in my carry-on bag.  He has never missed one time!
  28. He is learning to give me my space.
  29. He is good to my parents.
  30. He supports our boys in all their endeavors.
  31. He truly and sincerely and deeply loves me and makes sure I know it.
That was easy!  I could go on for another 31.  But I'll wait to do that when we've been married 62 years.  Yikes!  I think I'll be dead by then!  

We celebrated by going to dinner at Rickenbachers.  
It was delish!
I gave Dave a bucket full of his favorite things (including raspberry filled powdered donuts!! - not easy to find anymore!) The bucket is really a cooler/warmer and a chair to sit on while fishing.
I got a gorgeous bouquet and some to die for Idle Isle chocolates.  My faves are the nut-balls and chocolate covered almonds!  Mmm.........mmmmm..........


Audrey said...

WOW! You guys looked so young when you got married! What were you, 12? Congratulations on being married to such a wonderful guy (of course you make a great pair because you are wonderful too!)

Jodi said...

We WERE babies!!!
Thank you!


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