Sunday, September 8, 2013

☼ Peach Days! ☼



I always look forward to Peach Days!  Not just for the fresh, juiciest peaches anywhere around, but because it's just a party in the city for three days!  And I love parties! 

We started out the festivities by attending the high school football game against our biggest rival Bear River on Friday night.  My son McKay plays on the team and we were looking forward to a great battle.  Especially since in his JV game the day before they were beat by one point due to a very shady call during the last 12 seconds of the game.  But... it was what it was.  That only made our win on Friday that much sweeter!  We beat them 55-28 and got to retain the rival Golden Spike trophy. It was the 93rd match up against these two rivals. 
The best part of the whole game was the downpour that happened just after half time.  They called a 30 minute lightning delay.  They also asked the spectators to return to their cars until the delay was over.  We took advantage of the time and headed to Wingers drive thru so I could so a little carb load for my race the next day.  We ate in our parked car as we watched the game while it continued to rain.  It finally eased up a bit and so we got out and went back to the bleachers.  We got there just in time to see McKay play. I LOVE the rain!  ~ Just not the cold wind with it.  But it was still a FUN memory!       
~ ~ ~

The next day was the annual PEACH DAYS 10 K ROAD RACE.
This was my 6th time running this brutal course!  But I keep coming back for more! 

In the past the race's last mile or two was in front of the parade spectators.  I have to say I enjoyed that because even though I did not enjoy being on display while looking like I was ready to die in front of the entire parade route, it was awesome to be cheered on for those last brutal miles uphill.  It really motivated me to keep running hard and  not give into how I was really feeling!  haha  They now start the race an hour earlier which is very nice considering it makes it much cooler on the runners, but I do miss the spectators.  There are still a few, but nothing like before.

Before the race with my cute running pal Marci.↓
 What?  She is in purple and I'm in peach?  Did the universe stop turning?  
No...I  just wanted to wear my cute new skirt and purple just did not go well with it..

Me with Marci front and center goofing off before the gun. I don't get nervous before most of my races anymore, which is good.  Well, unless it's a marathon.

This race usually has around 400 peeps running it.  I think this year there was about 370. 
(click or tap to enlarge)

The course runs right past my street!  That is good and that is bad.  It's a little tempting to just call it a day when your house, comfy couch and cold water is so near.  But I have not succumbed yet.  =) The cool thing is a lot of my neighbors come out and cheer me on. I have yet to see one of my son's on our street supporting their mom though.  Some day.... some day... 
Dave is always a huge support and I saw him twice on the route cheering me on this year.  

I got FIRST PLACE in my age division!!!  YIPPEE!!!  
I was happy as a peach!  The first three years I ran it, I always came in 2nd or 3rd.  I wanted to get first SO bad because they gave out the most amazing peach trophies to the first place winners.  I worked hard so I could get my time fast enough and the 4th year I ran it, I finally reached my goal and took first!  I was so happy!  And then they gave out the awards and all I got was a medal.  WHAT?  No more cute trophies?  I wanted one of those trophies!  The race director said they decided to just go with personalized medals instead.  I was crushed!  So that year for Christmas, my amazing and thoughtful husband had one made for me.  It wasn't the same as the original, but it was still cool.  I'm still sad they stopped giving out trophies!  I would have three by now!
I was so happy for my friend Robin this year who took third in our division!  She was even having IT band problems this time and still did so well.  I was so proud of her!
This was the 40th year of the Peach Days Road Race.  Amazing!

After the awards, I always go find Dave's family on the parade route.  Dave had to work again, and my boys are not big parade fans, but I LOVE parades and so even though I really should go home and shower, I always have to watch the parade first!  Yeah, notice the space between me and everyone else!  Sorry guys!  It was a long 6 miles!  But the parade was a lot of fun this year. 

A little later we went to Dave's parents to celebrate their 57th anniversary.  Dave's brother Kevin had driven his Mustang up and so me and some of my nieces took full advantage of that! 

Cruisin' in the Stang!

Then after that, my niece Grace was baptized.  It was a busy day!
Notice I am still all peachy?   

We had plans to head back to Peach Days to hang out with friends and watch the free concert like we do each year, but it started to rain again and so we just headed home after the baptism.  I was pretty disappointed I didn't get my traditional Funnel Cake this year!  But there's always next year right?


 Here is a video clip of the start of the Peach Days Race


Audrey said...

Congrats on your win - you skirt is SO CUTE! Even if it isn't purple! The peach is nice!

Nancy Mc said...

Congrats on your win. Love that you are back to blogging. I have missed you.
We have the sports rivalry at our house. Hubby went to BR, me to BE. So glad those Bees won.


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