Monday, September 9, 2013

List 10 People Dead or Alive You Would Invite To Dinner Include the Dinner Menu - Day #26

Blog Challenge - Day 26
 ~List 10 People Dead or Alive You Would Invite To Dinner Include the Dinner Menu~

This challenge was a lot of fun!  I enjoyed thinking about the many people I could have chosen.  I hope in heaven there is a way to meet all of the interesting people that I didn't have a chance to meet and get to know down here.

Just the thought of these 10 people interacting together around a dinner table was fun to comprehend.

Here's my guest list: 
  1. Tyson - he would have to be invited because I haven't had dinner with him for almost eight years now, and I miss that boy!  Plus he would be the one to keep everyone at peace and laughing.
  2. CS Lewis - he is so full of wisdom and knowledge that I would love to glean some of it!
  3. Audrey Hepburn  - she would bring some style and class to the party.
  4. Joseph Smith - I would love to just meet him and talk to him about so many things.
  5. Maya Angelou - this woman is a gold mine of life smarts and wisdom.
  6. Princess Diana - I have always thought she was someone I'd love to get to know.
  7. Johnny Depp -  besides the eye candy, he is just very intriguing.  And Tyson would love talking to him I'm sure too!
  8. Sarah Palin - I don't always agree with her, but she brings an energy into a room and would be very fun to chat with.
  9. Mary - oh, I would love to learn from her.  She has always amazed me.
  10. Jesus - I saved Him for last because first of all I'd love to see how He interacts with his mother Mary, and also because I know whatever food I prepared once He blessed it, would be wonderful!

This would be a really fun and interesting dinner party for sure!  And since I invited Jesus, maybe I could invite a few more even if I didn't have quite enough food since He knows what He is doing when it comes to feeding the 5000.  That way I could invite the others that I had to eliminate like → Ronald Reagan, Mitt Romney, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Donny & Marie, Dana Carvey (him and Tyson together could get pretty crazy though!), Oprah, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, Marjorie Hinckley and so many others! 

The menu would consist of:
Who are you going to invite?

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