Sunday, September 15, 2013

Your Goals For The Next 30 Days~ Day #30

Blog Challenge - Day30
~Your Goals For The Next 30 Days~

Wow!  I am very surprised that I can say I accepted the challenge to blog for 30 days and I actually did it!
Yee- haw!!!

Especially after not really blogging much for about three years! It was a great way to ease back into it, but I still fear it's too big of a time commitment for me to keep on doing it like I did before.  I WANT to!  I just don't have the time.  So my plan is to blog when I can and then do a monthly catch up post.  It may or may not work out that way, but that is the plan.  I may accept another challenge, but not make the posts so long this time.  I am just so happy that I did it!

I'm not officially DONE until I complete today's challenge which is to list my goals for the next 30 days.  So here goes:

  • Keep blogging now that I am finally back into it (also about things that aren't part of another challenge!)
  • Get Taylor's Christmas package ready and sent
  • Run another half marathon (yea! - just signed up for one!)
  • Make a Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake (we planted purple sweet potatoes JUST so I could make this!)
  • Get a jump-start on my Christmas shopping
  • Get my list of things TO DO - DONE! hahahahaha
  • Get my carpets cleaned
  • Get my blog books published! 
  • Get my calendars started (for Christmas)
  • Finalize Harp lessons and begin
  • Make a Chocolate Haupia Pie
  • Transfer Taylor's letters from website over to a blog
  • Print out all of Taylor's mission photos
  • Get McKay's pictures taken
  • Get hardwood floors refinished or at least scheduled
  • Plank 5 days a week (get up to 5 min)
  • Finish reading 2nd book in Great and Terrible series 
  • Do a random act of kindness to someone each day
  • Actually follow through on my good intentions!
  • (still thinking of more)

1 comment:

Audrey said...

WOW, your list for the next 30 days makes me exhausted just reading it! Welcome back to the blogging world! It is a great way to leave a legacy. Plus your blogs are always SO entertaining! GREAT JOB!


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