Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Snippets ~ 2013

~September Snippets ~

Lots and lots of watching McKay play football!
(He's the one with his hand still on his heart in the middle)

Varsity has had a great season, not so much the JV.  But he has loved it all!
The chick in the photo with his # on her cheek, is no one we know.  Even McKay doesn't know.  But, hey at least she likes to cheer for him.  I hope it ends there!

 I did a lot of fall trail running.  I have been converted to the trails.  Never really enjoyed them much until this year and now I'm hooked thanks to my friend Jen for getting me out there on them.

McKay's Homecoming dance.
This is how his date responded.  The dog is real.  I wasn't sure.  He just sat there.  When he finally moved, I screamed for a entire audience hiding and watching in the bushes.  McKay was calm as ever.

He's a handsome little devil!

He took Kylee.  She looked so pretty.

Missionary Mom Lunch.  
This is "our" district!  We have 12 (yes 12!) missionaries serving in our ward and here are a few of us moms that gathered to talk about our missionaries.

We had a great garden and harvest...

...thanks to him!

We learned how to play PICKLEBALL and now we are hooked. 
Dave is a natural!  I need some practice!

 Our cat became an alien...

Me and my Mom became twins and didn't even know it!

Celebrated Peach Days in a yummy way!
Had some fun pretending this was mine!

We celebrated our 31st Anniversary! 

 MORE football!
I love it and I'm going to really miss it when it's over! 

I ran a LOT of races!  

Paced the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon with Jen. 

Oh my! 
 Skyler is living in Hawaii.  This is a sunset he sent.  No, I'm not jealous.  No, not at all.

 I became an Aunt again!  She is adorable!
Her name is Alexandra Rose.  What a rock star with all that hair!

 Spent some time shopping with Scare.  I am SO happy she moved back so we can play!

Did a lot of canning. 
Peaches, tomatoes, and salsa.

Love it when the whole fam helps!

 I made a Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake from purple sweet potatoes that we grew ourselves.

I saw some gorgeous rainbows  while running in the rain!

 I got to have dinner with my missionary son Taylor!
I sent Taylor these photos so he was aware he joined us for dinner!

Missionary Moms get a little crazy when it comes to their missionaries! 
We now have 12 missionaries serving from our ward!  That has to be an all time record. 

We (well not me) yanked out a ton of over grown trees and replanted MANY more!
Bryce did most of the work.  He is one hard worker!

I swang...

McKay was asked to Sadies...

More football.  At this game it started to snow!  At the Sky View game it poured the entire game!  

I did a lot of training runs...
Had a little too much fun on some!
Such a beautiful time of the year to run!!!

There was plenty more that happened, but I already OD'd on photos, so that's it for now!

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