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How You Have Changed in the Past Two Years~ Day #29

 ~How You Have Changed in the Past Two Years~

This one was tough because not a lot changes in two years when you are my age.  Now had the challenge said "the past 10 years" that would have been a whole different post.

The main thing about me that has changed is I am now in the five oh age bracket!  Oh wow, that is hard to write!  I still feel 20 inside, how can I really be 50?  But it is what it is and at least people who have more birthdays live longer, so I'll take it over the alternative!
So far it hasn't been so bad.  And I have great friends who made it fun for me.  That was two years ago and so now I'm fifty____  ...well YOU do the math.  I don't like saying it or writing it!

Even though I have always been pretty adventurous, courageous, and daring, one way I have changed in the past couple of years is I have jumped (literally in some cases) at more opportunities to do those kind of things and even sought them out.  I actually jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and I'm pretty sure I would NOT have done that had I not turned the big 5-0.  It was kind of a right of passage for me.  Well, okay the truth is my oldest son Skyler talked me into it.  He can pretty much talk me into about anything!  I'm still a bit shocked he was able to pull this off though.
I am afraid of heights.  I never had ANY desire to skydive!  NONE!  But here I am on my 50th birthday in Hawaii about to jump from an airplane 13,000 feet above the ground!
Was I scared?


This quote sums the experience up quite perfectly...


YES!  I. WAS.TERRIFIED! (as the bottom right photo↑ depicts!)  But that made it that much sweeter after!  That and the fact that I didn't die!

I love Sky's face (far right) in this ↓ photo.  I think he was pretty pumped he actually got me to do that!  As for me, I'm just happy I LIVED to tell about it!  Once I landed I was just so happy and kept saying over and over, "I didn't die! - I didn't die!"

It actually was an amazing experience.  I didn't really enjoy it much until my chute opened (whew!) and I knew I was going to enjoy more time on this earth instead of being plowed into it.  Once my tandem instructor stopped doing spins (we did seven and he promised we would only do one!) and I was able to breath again, I really enjoyed the peacefulness of being up that high away from everything.
It was the most incredible feeling just floating through the air and seeing the beautiful scenery below.  If you are going to risk your life skydiving, be sure and do it in beautiful Hawaii so (in case it's the last thing you see), it will be gorgeous!


Once I turned 50, a big change came over me.  Something kind of snapped in me and I decided that I wanted a cat.  Well, I have ALWAYS wanted a cat, but I decided that I am FIFTY years old and if I want a cat, then by dang I am going to have a cat!  Much to the dismay of Dave and Skyler.  So I went to Petsmart and came home with a kitty.  Unfortunately he didn't live more than a month. He had a pre-existing condition I was not aware of when I adopted him.  So sadly we buried him. 

Luckily after he passed away Bryce found me another cat on Facebook.  He wasn't the same as Kit Kat, but he was still a cat and I fell in love with Mr. Cat immediately! 
I love Mr. Cat.  He isn't quite as fond of me as I am of him, but that's a cat for ya!
Shortly after that, Bryce brought Kilo home!  A cat AND a dog?  Oh my, I was in pet heaven!  If I had my way, I'd have a house full of furry critters!

I would say the biggest way I have changed is I really don't fear as many things as I used to.  Would I jump out of a plane again?  Well, there's probably a good chance if I got another Hawaiian vacay out of it.  I have come to learn that life is short and we have to do things now while we still can and have the chance.  
Like I said, I have ALWAYS been adventurous, but sometimes I would hold back because I was worried what someone might think or say.  NOT ANYMORE!  That is one of the greatest things that you actually "aquire" from aging.  I just DO. NOT. CARE. what others think.  They can take me or they can leave me.  It's their choice and I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Adventure is everywhere waiting to happen!  I'm gonna make it happen while I can!

For example.... laying on the railroad tracks dressed up like a witch.  

Or... riding the Front Runner with six other crazies dressed up like witches.

Or... going on a wilderness Pioneer Trek for an entire week without showers or other amenities!  That was an adventure to be sure!

Or.... running a crazy race in the mud and bogs and swamps not knowing what was lurking below in that deep mud and murk! 

Or... standing out in a freezing cold river with leaky waders for hours fishing in the Alaskan wilderness.  

Or... running a marathon in a downpour for 4 and a half hours!

I have FINALLY been able to achieve the art of bread making!  It has taken me quite a few years, but now I can make a great loaf of bread and I can even grind my own wheat. 

And one more ... last but not least... one other change I am so happy about is I have become a little more patient.  It's taken a while, BUT... I was patient! 

If there is one thing I have learned about life it's that it will change.  We will change.  It may be for the better or for the worse, but no matter what, it WILL change!
So cherish the moments NOW!


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