Sunday, September 22, 2013

Well, That's a First!

I went to lunch the other day with some mom's of Taylor's friends.  All our boys played on the high school basketball team together since they were freshman.  They actually started playing basketball together many years before that when they were on comp teams together.   It was pretty cool that they all went on to make the team all four years of high school.  It's even cooler that they are all out in the world serving two year missions for our church.

We wanted to get together and check up on all the boys and hear how they are doing.   

We decided to go to Idle Isle.
Good choice.  They had the turkey special that day.


There are not many things that I like better than a turkey dinner!  Everyone else agreed and we all ordered the special!  YUM!
The waiter wasn't too good at taking photos with a smart phone.  He cut Sarah off in this one....↑
And this one is too blurry.

But that is not where his mistakes ended...
We asked for separate checks and when I opened mine I saw this ↓
A buck off?  Hey, if I am going to be insulted I think I should at least get 50% off!

Everyone else looked at their checks and sure enough we ALL got the discount!  Of course, we had to all get out our granny glasses and turn on our portable oxygen machines before we could be for certain.

After a good laugh, Sarah tapped her cane on the waiter's knee and asked him, "Sonny boy, how old do you have to be to get the senior discount?"  He said, "I am not sure, but I think it's 50."  

Well then.

I don't care if I am 50 (or a little more) I do NOT want a senior discount!  I would rather pay the extra buck than be considered a senior!  Aaaa!

Sarah tried to make me feel better by saying that she is a senior and she was sure he just didn't want to have to ask and embarrass anyone and so he just gave it to us all.  Fine, but STILL!  Miriam was not too happy because she is only 47.

The turkey special wasn't the only turkey at Idle Isle that day!

Okay, so maybe he was just trying to be nice and not hurt anyone's feelings.  But he didn't consider that if he gave it to everyone then he might insult some of us.  Or... that those that might be insulted are good at turkey hunting!  And since the season IS coming up...
He better be on the lookout!

~ ~ ~

These two pix were taken after one of the basketball games when the boys were seniors. (I think)     
We are all Bee spirited in our P U R P L E!

~ ~ ~

I had a hard time finding photos where all four boys are together in the same photo.  This one is after a game win and the student body just sang the school song. Our boys are the first four in white jerseys starting from the left.  Trevor #32 - Josh #24 - Stephen #33 - Taylor #2 They are all holding basketballs but Taylor.  He is holding a purple warm up shirt.

This one is after Taylor's buzzer beater shot.  It was such a great ending to an intense game!  You can read about that HERE.  They are the first three white jerseys from the left.  Taylor is barely visible with someone's arm around his neck.  He kind of got mauled that night.  

Here are some action shots.  I only have three of them in the same shot at a time. Taylor is usually the one with the ball because... well, I am his Mom and I was taking photos of him.
 (click or tap to enlarge)
 That was a fun flashback for me!
I learned they are all doing great on their missions and enjoying their time serving.
Taylor, Josh, and Stephen all left on the same day. (November 6, 2012). Trevor left a few months later.
Taylor is serving in Brazil.
Josh is serving in California.
Stephen is serving in Columbia.
Trevor is serving in New York.

Since this little "episode" I have decided I better get serious about that Mustang!  Yep...  I think it's time this "senior" gets herself a sports car to prove she is still a whippersnapper!

What do you think?

It helps to have it loaded with younger chicks too!

Yep, I do believe it's time.
Now if I can only get Dave on board.  Hmm.....

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