Sunday, September 1, 2013

One of Your Favorite TV Shows - Day #20

Blog Challenge - Day 20
~One of Your Favorite TV Shows~

One?  Yeah right!  haha
My new favorite TV show is DOWNTON ABBEY.  I know I am not alone in this, and if you watch a couple episodes you will see why.  I fell in love with this show a little later than most.  Mainly because I am not a real big TV watcher.  The only reason I even watched this was because I had heard so much hype about it that I had to see what it was all about.  Now I'm hooked!  I went back and watched every single season. The thing that I don't like about it is that it is only on for a few months and then you have to wait almost a year for the next season.  Oh, but it's so worth it! 

I have to add here that my all time favorite show growing up had to have been The Brady Bunch!  I will still turn on the re-runs late at night or if I happen to have some time to watch.  I LOVE this show and I always will!  In fact I LOVE all the old sitcoms from the 60's and 70's.  Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, I Love Lucy, Gillian's Island, Happy Days, Rhoda...all of those oldies.  They just remind me of a simpler time and stir up some good memories.

Tyson got me hooked on Whose Line Is It Anyway? several years ago.  After he passed away, I still would watch it because it made me feel close to him.  It then went off the air and is back on again now.  Drew Carey is no longer the host and it's just not as good as before, but I will still watch it occasionally if I remember.

If I'm going to watch TV, I enjoy it more if it's educational.  I have always loved watching Oprah.   Her new shows on her OWN Network are pretty good.  I really like her Life Class where she interviews people that have had interesting and hard life experiences.  I always come away from it having learned something.

I enjoy the Discovery Channels programs. I LOVE Shark Week!  I also love a few of the shows on TLC and Animal Planet like My Cat From Hell and Sister Wives.  I have no idea why I find that show so intriguing. 

Once in a while I will turn on Everybody Loves Raymond to fall asleep to. Not that it's boring, but it's on when I'm trying to hit the snooze button on my brain.  I never watched this show when it was airing regularly...just the reruns now..

I did watch Dancing With the Stars one year off and on when Donny Osmond was on it.  Hey, I needed some motivation to watch it! 


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