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Something You Miss - Day #28

Blog Challenge - Day 28
 ~Something You Miss~

Well, of course, the first thing that pops into my head when I hear this question, is my son Tyson.  He passed away almost eight years ago and I miss that boy terribly each and every single day.  But that really goes without saying.  I miss his smile, his wit, his humor (that boy was hilarious!) and just his presence.  He was so kind and considerate of me and everyone.  He was the one that didn't feel well, but was always concerned about everyone else. He just had the most amazing soul and you could feel his love just being around him.  Even though I feel him near, I still miss him like crazy!

I also miss my son Taylor who is serving a two year mission for our church in Brazil.  There is definitely a hole in our home right now with him gone.  He was always doing fun things with his friends and they would hang out here all the time and I really miss that.  And I even miss him constantly begging me to make him crepes, or "food", or even a sandwich.  He's a big kid and loves to eat and nearly every day he asked me to make him some kind of treat or something good to fill his stomach.  He is such a tease and I miss all his teasing.  I miss attending all of his basketball games and track meets and football games.  I miss him calling me "Ma" and his positive and uplifting attitude he always had.  I never heard him say anything bad or mean about anyone.  He is a great missionary and I am glad he is where he is supposed to be, but I still miss him.


I miss Bryce's dog Kilo that was hit by a car in July.  I really loved having that dog around.  He brightened up my day when no one else could.  He was always so happy to see me and so willing to go on a run with me. He was so entertaining and such a good companion to have around.  It's so quiet and sad without him now.  

I miss my oldest son Skyler.  He is living and working in Hawaii right now and if he wasn't there he would be somewhere else across the country somewhere.  He is very driven and doesn't pass up any opportunities to move him where he wants to be.  He's a nomad, unfortunately.  I love it when he comes home and stays for awhile.  I miss our long talks together at any time of the day or night.  I can talk to him about anything.  He is a very wise kid and has a lot of life smarts under his belt.  He is very adventurous and that takes him away from home more than I like.  There is something about his presence that just makes me happy.  I wish he was around more.
He caught the octopus above spear fishing, which he does every night.  The one with me in it, was taken right after I landed from sky diving. He is the reason I went and I love the look on his face.  I think he was so proud for getting me to actually do it!   

I miss when my boys were little and I knew where they were at all times.  I just miss the craziness and chaos of having them all home.  It's just way too quiet with them all growing up and going their separate ways.  I cherish every moment with McKay knowing that he will be headed on a mission in two short years.  I absolutely love my boys at the age they are now, but there is just something so sad having those years gone when they were little and by my side all the time.  Oh, it is so hard to believe they are almost all grown up!

I miss American Mothers.  I have been involved with AMI since Bryce was a baby...that makes it 22 years!  I have served in some capacity in the organization for those 22 years until this year really. I served as a Chapter President for 10 years consecutively and as the State President for two years.  I think I have been on the State Board for most of those 22 years in some capacity as well. I am still on the State Board, but just as a blog administrator which I no longer really do because we now have a website. I am sure I will be right back doing something soon, but I have missed it this year.  It is the best organization for mothers in the nation and I have learned so much from the amazing women I get to associate with. I have met some of the most incredible people because of this wonderful organization and my involvement in it.  I love to be around the kind of women this group attracts.  What a blessing it has been in my life as a mother, wife, and woman.  It has been life changing for me.

The pix above are from the AMI National Convention that was held in SLC in 2011.  Sheri Dew was one of our keynote speakers.  It was a huge undertaking, but so much fun as well.  My most favorite people on the planet are the ones I know and love from AMI!



I miss simpler times.  Sometimes I miss when I didn't even own a computer and I had more time to read, clean, cook, organize, think and dream. I didn't have to stop and check my email, Facebook, Instagram, and news on the internet two or three times a day.  I love the computer, don't take that wrong, but I think it has stolen so much of our time that was used more productively before it came along.  I know I for one don't accomplish as much as I used to. But there is a tradeoff because now I can get certain things done much faster due to the computer, like writing talks and letters or preparing lessons, or sharing the gospel and family history.  I'm just saying it can be a time eater if we aren't careful and sometimes even if we are.  I also miss the simpler times when children were children and weren't exposed to so much adult stuff via the media.  Social media especially has taken away a lot of their innocence way too young in my opinion.  Not to mention kids seem to have a phone in their hand every second to text or play games.  What happened to going outside and laying on the grass and watching the clouds slowly sail by?  So much has changed.  And it isn't going to change back unfortunately.  But I miss it!

And last but not least for now...

I miss my mind... no explanation necessary.
~ ~ ~

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